Join us! NCDFREE By Alessandro Demaio | 26 Mar, 2013

Hello all!

An update email from the NCDFREE team and a shout-out to join us!

First of all, a big well done and thank you to all those involved in the last months of preparation getting to this point. Fred, Shusmita, Duncan, Benn, Abigail and of course Giuseppe for your hours/days/weeks of hard work and dedication! All for the love of our cause.

Where are we now?
I am excited to say that as of today (thanks to Fred and his tireless efforts over the weekend) the Website and Indiegogo are now live. Check them out:

This is a BIG milestone and with the clock now counting, we move onto the next phase. But first…

What got us here?
Thanks to Abby for her sensational efforts with Kiti, Shusmita, Jo and others with the 3T Focus Groups. This information has proven already vital in informing the campaign and we really appreciate your efforts!!
Benn and Abby have also been working on the comms around the effort and making sure that the messages are polished.
Fred, again, a HUGE call of thanks for the website!
Finally, a huge amount of time, passion and energy from Giuseppe and Local Peoples. This would not be possible without his donated skills and insights and we are very grateful!

Two pieces of clarification…
Two important things to clarify, first of all so we're all on the same page, NCDFREE is a social movement campaign coordinated by YP and Local Peoples, with key support from the University of Melbourne and Harvard Global Equity Initiative.
In addition, abbreviated, GNI was our way of defining our problem – we recognised we needed to create a narrative for NCDs through an initiative.
NCDFREE is our answer - our narrative and our movement.

What can you do?
So much!
We would love your support. Contacting partners, promoting the campaign, sharing it on your FB, twitter and through emails. Newsletters in your orgs and anything more you can think of!
NCDFREE is only possible with your support, with collective buy-in and with global awareness! Let's get those networks talking!! :)

We need donations to make this happen!

What next?
Over the coming 30 days, we need to raise the money to make the films and symposia possible… This is essential!

Then, we will begin work on filming and arranging the first launch symposium in Boston along with our Global YP Meeting (organisation has actually already begun).

Again! Thank you to all, and please stay on board with us! Blitz your friends and family, contact colleagues, peers, mentors and media and let's make this HUGE! Email, twitter, Facebook!…

Let's put YP and the sorts of things YP is capable of, in the global spotlight!!

Congrats all and thanks again,


Dr. Alessandro R Demaio MBBS MPH
PhD Fellow in Global Health (NCDs)
Copenhagen School of Global Health
University of Copenhagen

Global Health Fellow, Harvard Medical School
Director, NCDFREE and the Young Professionals Network

T +45 35326708 | Tw @sandrodemaio |<>

"Through narrative we learn how to make choices in response to challenges of an uncertain world.
Public narrative is the art of translating values into action." - Ganz



Maggie Sullivan Replied at 12:44 PM, 26 Mar 2013

Alessandro, I just tried to visit the site, but I get an "invalid" response. Any suggestions?

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