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Hi All,
I just wanted give you an update on the wonderful progress that NCDFREE is making! In addition to garnering much attention at the Global Health 2015 Conference in Sweden and the International Academy of Business Disciplines in Atlanta, the movement has found support- both financial and otherwise- from such amazing organizations as WHO Europe, C3, the Pediatric Cancer Gernome Project; Wesley College; The George; ANU; and the NCD Alliance among others!

With five days left to go in our crowdfunding campaign, we have thus far raised $43,000 of our $63,000 goal to support the creation of three short narrative films and two symposia that will feature NCD change agents from around the world and give these inspiring young people to share their stories on a global stage.
Please help us keep up NCDFREE's momentum and give a voice to the 70 people who die each minute from these largely preventable diseases. Together we can change the story!

Please share on Facebook, Twitter and, email again this week, and thank you all so much for your continued support!

Sandro, Giuseppe, Fred, Benn, Abby, and the YP NCDFREE team!

Geneviève Bois
Replied at 9:14 PM, 22 Apr 2013

It would be really awesome to see more people from YP posting it online! We're hundreds, let's use the potential we have to make this big in all our countries.

So let's tweet people!


suraj gautam
Replied at 3:19 AM, 23 Apr 2013

When it comes to work in ground write to me.

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