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Hello everyone.

Sandeep invited me to this group, and asked that I say hi. I finished
internal medicine residency in 2011, then was in Mozambique for 1 year
through the Medical Education Partnership Initiative<>,
and now I'm in the EIS program. I work on TB/HIV - scale-up of ART for
HIV-infected TB patients, and TB infection control, for example. Not
exactly NCD's...

I joined this group because I'm interested in the interactions between
NCD's and communicable diseases.. smoking and
 and HIV and cardiac
risk<> for
example, as well NCD's more generally, diet/exercise, ecological
sustainability, etc.

In my work, I've been inspired by the work of Marshall
He teaches community organizing, and the importance of public narrative
(telling our personal stories):

*“Public narrative is a leadership practice. To lead is to accept
responsibility for enabling others to achieve purpose in the face of
uncertainty. Through narrative we learn how to make choices in response to
challenges of an uncertain world – as individuals, as communities and as
nations. Responding to urgent challenges with agency requires drawing on
sources of hope to trump fear; empathy to trump alienation; and self-worth
to trump self-doubt. Public narrative is the art of translating values into
action. It is a discursive process through which individuals, communities,
and nations learn to make choices, construct identity, and inspire action.
Because it engages the “head” and the “heart,” narrative can instruct and
inspire – teaching us not only why we should act, but moving us to act.”*

Here's my story on my personal website<>.
I'd be happy to read your public narrative as well...

Hope to meet you through this group, or on
twitter<> -
how I met Sandeep:)

with best regards

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