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Dear All,
Pls find enclosed one of our recent publications reviewing the policy
response to the overweight-obesity from India in the *Obesity
Reviews*2013. We have summarised all Govt of India initiatives which
directly or
indirectly target or impact this increasing risk factor. Hope you find it
useful. Enjoy reading!!

Jo Jewell
Replied at 5:35 AM, 24 Oct 2013

Congratulations Sheweta - and Shusmita (who also has a paper in the series on Bangladesh). Really great to have a better perspective on what action is being taken in your countries! There'll have to be another series a few years down the line as fingers crossed we'll see a lot more effective policy action worldwide over the coming years!!

Best, Jo

Maximilian de Courten
Replied at 6:18 AM, 24 Oct 2013

Hello Shweta,
Would love to read your paper - especially as I need to convince some colleagues that there is an obesity problem in India...
But where is the link? Could you pls supply

Shweta Khandelwal
Replied at 1:15 AM, 11 Nov 2013
Geneviève Bois
Replied at 6:30 PM, 19 Nov 2013

Thanks for sharing! Well done on the paper.

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