Please RSVP by July 4 for Young Professionals Forum for Action on NCDs By Abigail Capobianco | 02 Jul, 2014

Dear YP-CDN Community,

Just a reminder to please RSVP by July 4 to for the Young Professionals Forum for Action on NCDs on July 9th in New York City, a discussion on international trade and health. The event will take place at Griffis Faculty Club, Weill Cornell Medical College (521 East 68th Street, New York, NY 10065), and all are most welcome to attend!

About the event:
In advance of the UN Review on NCDs, YP-CDN will bring together emerging leaders and foremost experts in the fields of health, law, and economics to join the discourse around trade agreements and their impacts on health, specifically NCDs. Within this dialogue, we will explore critical questions around the current state of international trade and health:

• How can interest groups (e.g. tobacco control, access to
      medicines, food and alcohol) collaborate to ensure a trade
      agenda that prioritizes health for all?
• How can trade policy support the global 25x25 NCD goals?
• How can the next generation drive change?

As a result of the forum, we will review and put forth the Young Professionals Declaration on Trade and NCDs, a statement for results-oriented action toward prioritizing health on the international trade agenda.

Speakers include:
• Peter Maybarduk, JD, Public Citizen
• Benn McGrady, PhD, O’Neill Institute, Georgetown University
• Ashley Schram, PhD(c), University of Ottawa
• James Love, MPA, Knowledge Ecology International
• Gregg Haifley, JD, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
• Anthony So, MD, MPH, Duke University
• Ariella Rohjani, NCD Alliance, YP-CDN

For more information, please visit or contact Jordan Jarvis or myself directly.

I hope to see you there!


Abby Capobianco
Communications Director



chris macrae Replied at 2:01 PM, 7 Jul 2014

I am a firm believer in World Bank (and former PIH co-founder) Jim Kim's viewpoint that only millennials can lead social movement of #2030now goals. Within this a key group are young professionals- the worldwide postgraduate network age 25-35 has more knowhow and connections than any alumni have ever had. I have been trying to briefly summarise recent research as connected with Young Medical Professionals and open education. Back in 2008 Muhammad Yunus kindly attended my father's 85th birthday party (Norman Macrae had been The Economist's leading pro-youth economist and founder of curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution in 1972). What emerged was the concept of the Nearly Free Nursing College as arguably the greatest collaboration idea around girl empowerment ever hatched. I have attached 2 pages relating to this. I am not a medical expert but would love to hear views or questions any time
(or washington dc 301 881 1655)

PS I was lucky enough to chat about Free Nursing College with Paul Farmer in Budapest last summer at the 20th annual open society laureates (winner BRAC's Sir Fazle Abed). If there are alumni of Paul Farmer - or of Open Society - interested in next connections of Nearly Free Nursing College I would especially like to hear from them.

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