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Hi YPs

The following information was disseminated through the NCD-RT listserv. In
case anyone is interested please contact with the following address:


Creative Associates International is preparing to submit a proposal for a
Millennium Challenge Account request for quote for a Blanket Purchase
Agreement under which task orders will be issued for work in the Education
and Health Sectors, with community development as a cross-cutting
component. They are putting together a team of experts covering several
different subject areas for this purpose, one of which will be an expert in
global NCDs.

Expected task orders can be grouped into:

• Review of documents including, but not limited to, project
justifications and descriptions; feasibility studies; institutional
arrangements; preliminary economic and financial analysis; social and
gender analysis; environmental and social performance


• Conduct of studies to support project development that would include
project definition and design; qualitative and quantitative analyses;
institutional capacity and risk analysis.

• Assist MCC to conduct oversight of project implementation and
performance, provide in-country and desk reviews and assistance in project
review to address areas such as social and gender strategy adherence; risk
assessment reviews; MCA project team capacity building needs, etc.

This is a five year project which will begin around April of this year. The
task orders can originate in any MCC country, but they will primarily be
from the new Compact countries – Liberia, Sierra Leone, Niger; and

*Creative Associates is currently looking to fill the non-communicable
disease advisor position on our team, which requires: *

· *Five to seven years of providing technical assistance in the
area of non-communicable diseases. *

· *Global Health experience expected.*

· * MPH with a focus on NCDs required.* **

If interested, please respond *via email* with a CV to:
*Sharif Aridi*
Talent Acquisition Manager, Education for Development
Human Resources Division
Creative Associates International
202-772-2159 <>

*Shusmita Hossain Khan
Senior Associate Coordinator

Hena Nibash, 3/6, Asad Avenue
Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh
Ph: +880-2-8143966
Fax: +880-2-8150496
Email: ||
Skype: shusmita.khan

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