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Hello all and a quick email from Washington DC – here attending TEDMED 2013.

A sensational event and I want to invite you all to join me!

In addition to blogging all week (3 articles so far) I will be tweeting from the event via @sandrodemaio – be sure to join!

Here is a welcome note from conference curator, Jay Walker…

And my highlights from the launch sessions here in DC…

More to come… Hope you enjoy and warmest regards,


Katherine Ellington
Replied at 11:20 PM, 17 Apr 2013

I have also posted my and hope that you all will consider with me, TEDMED as an experience and community as a "World House" from Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

During the next week I will stream and also join TEDMED in person in Washington, D.C. to consider great challenges for a better future in health and medicine through a social media (SoMe) lens.

“At its core, TEDMED is a celebration of human achievement and the power of connecting the unconnected in creative ways to change our world in health and medicine.” —TEDMED

Read More:

Glad for the conversation and you follow me on Twitter @katellington

joan lee
Replied at 4:32 PM, 18 Apr 2013

All these updates are great!
Keep up the great work!


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