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Hi all! Yesterday was World Diabetes Day, so there was a great opportunity for raising awareness about that particular NCD and a way to connect the NCD community.

Please have a read of my 'World Diabetes Day Roundup' to see a few initiatives that I was involved/knew about during the day. :)

Joseph Abilla
Replied at 9:04 AM, 15 Nov 2013

Hi Elizabeth,
I have admired very much the bungle written on type 1 Diabetes in your hand, were can I get a copy to buy from?

Elizabeth Rowley
Replied at 10:24 AM, 15 Nov 2013

Hi Joseph! Do you mean the infographic about access to insulin? You are welcome to print it or share it online but I am happy to mail you some copies if you email your address to me at . :)

But perhaps you meant something else?

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