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Population Health

What practical examples can you share - Peer to Peer Support

There is growing knowledge that the use of peer to peer support is a promising opportunity to improve quality and safety while reducing costs. What research has this community conducted on this subject? What practical examples can you share? Read more

Global Health Diagnostics

TB Breath- and Cough-testing Assays for TB Diagnosis

Breath represents an attractive target for the diagnosis of pulmonary TB cases, as breath samples may contain TB bacteria or MTB-specific biomarkers and can be collected through non-invasive procedures. What new technologies with different mechanisms of TB detection in breath samples do you have experience with? Read more

Malaria Treatment & Prevention

Asymptomatic only at first sight: malaria infection among schoolchildren in highland Rwanda

Following the head-to-head debate on whether to eradicate malaria, a recent study seems to illustrate the scale of the malaria challenge. Do we fully understand asymptomatic malaria? Should anyone really be left carrying malaria parasites? Read more

Case Studies

The Global Health Delivery Project has published more than 35 Harvard Business School‐style teaching case studies that can be downloaded by anyone at no cost. Learn more.