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Getting Started

What is GHDonline?
GHDonline is the online platform of communities developed by the Global Health Delivery Project. For more information, please read the About page.

Who can join GHDonline?
All global health practitioners, including volunteers and students, should consider joining GHDonline. GHDonline enables open collaboration between global health implementers and organizations in online communities of practice in order to create a new breadth of knowledge applicable in the field. GHDonline was created with the vision to democratize access to critical information and to build upon the know-how that we all have but that rarely gets published. Thirteen public communities focus on critical delivery challenges and are guided by expert moderators. GHDonline also hosts private communities designed and maintained for specific organizations and collaborative initiatives.

Who are the members of GHDonline?
GHDonline members come from all over the world and play a variety of roles in the delivery of health care including stakeholders from governments, universities, clinical facilities, non-governmental organizations, for-profit organizations, international agencies and trade organizations. You can view membership for each community by accessing a specific community home page (click on the community name in the home page), and then clicking on Members at the top of the community page.

Why should I join GHDonline?
GHDonline is free, easy-to-use and enables you to become part of a unique collaborative platform developed by and for global health practitioners. GHDonline members engage in problem-solving with peers in discussions, and enrich their practice by sharing experiences, challenges, and lessons from the field. They also exchange critical knowledge and tools by uploading documents and links to communities. And because GHDonline has integrated email capabilities, members can seamlessly contribute via email, a great functionality for busy professionals and in areas with unreliable Internet connectivity! Last but not least, all content is archived and accessible via our search engine.

Do I need to have an account to use GHDonline?
While anyone can visit GHDonline, only members can start or contribute to discussions, receive notification emails about activity in the communities, and access members-only content. Joining GHDonline is free and easy, so we encourage you to become a member!

How can I create an account?
To become a member of one or several GHDonline communities, please complete the sign up form. You will be asked to provide your full name, a password, your organization, your role/profession, the country where you work, and the communities that you want to join. After submitting your sign up form, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. Once you click the link in the email, your account will be confirmed and created.

What if my organization is not listed in the sign up form?
Please note that organizations are listed by alphabetical order and names are spelled out to be easily searcheable. If your organization does not appear to be in the list, please check the box that reads My organization was not found in the above list, I would like to add it later, fill out the rest of the form, click Sign Up, and fill out the form in the next page (remember to Submit when you are done).

How can I join a community?
When you become a GHDonline member using the sign up form, you will have to choose at least one community to join. If you want to join another community later on, you can do so by signing in, going to the Communities page, and clicking on Join Now next to any community you’d like to join.

Who are the moderators and what is their role?
GHDonline moderators are experts in their respective fields. They guide the communities by keeping discussions relevant and up to date. They also encourage more participation among members and help build bridges between organizations and individuals. Moderators work with the GHDonline Team to identify a community’s mission and goals, discussion topics, publish content, and invite new members to a community.

My Account

How do I edit my personal profile?
Please sign in to GHDonline (Sign in link at the top right corner), then click on My Profile in the upper right-hand corner. Once on your profile page, you will be able to make changes such as create a new password, adding an image to your profile, or changing your community membership and email notification settings. We encourage you to fill out the Bio in the About You section so that other members of GHDonline can learn more about you and the work you do.

Can other members view my email address?
No one except you and the GHDonline Team can view your email address. GHDonline web site visitors can only view your publicly available profile information. You can view it by clicking on My Profile and then on View public profile in the About You section.

What happens to my profile information?
Your profile information is stored in the GHDonline database. Third party organizations have no access to this information. If you wish to learn more about this, please read the Privacy Policy page.

Why should I change my password?
Your password is personal and confidential. It enables you to sign in to GHDonline to contribute to discussions and view members-only content in communities. You are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password. If you wish to learn more about this, please read the Privacy Policy page.

How can I change my password?
To change your password, please follow these steps:
1. Sign in to GHDonline
2. Click on My Profile at the top right corner of the home page
3. Click on Click here to change your password in the About You section
4. Type in the old and new password information
5. Click on Change my password
A confirmation of your password change will be sent to you via email.

How can I change my email address used for sign in?
To change your email address, please follow these steps:
1. Sign in to GHDonline
2. Click on My Profile at the top right corner of the home page
3. Click on Email Settings
4. Type in your new email address in the Primary Email Address field
5. Click on Save Changes

I would like to use another email address than the one in my profile to contribute to communities. How can I do this?
If you wish to use a second or even a third email address to contribute to GHDonline, please follow these steps:
1. Sign in to GHDonline
2. Click on My Profile at the top right corner of the home page
3. Click on Email Settings
4. At the bottom of the page, type in your alternate email addresses in Alternate Email Addresses
5. Click on Save Changes

This will allow you to send emails to your GHDonline communities from multiple email accounts. Please note that email notifications from your communities will only be sent to your primary email address.

I have forgotten my password. How can I retrieve it?
If you have forgotten your password or are getting a The email/password combination you entered is not valid error message when you try to sign in, please reset your password by using the password reset form: type in the email address you use to sign in to GHDonline. You will receive an email message with a temporary password which you can then use to sign in and set a new password in your profile.

If you do not remember which email address you used to sign in or the error message The email address you have entered could not be found in our system appears, please try with all your different email addresses. For security reasons, GHDonline cannot provide you with the email address you used to join GHDonline.

How can I delete my account?
If you would like to reduce the number of email notifications you receive from GHDonline, you can change the settings under Email Settings in My Profile. Select No Email to unsubscribe from email notifications for that community. If you would like to suspend your account (you will no longer be able to sign in, access members-only content, or contribute to GHDonline), please contact us.

Using the Communities

How can I use discussions in my community?
Discussions take place between members of a community. They are highly valuable as they help create and improve the knowledge base for global health delivery. Discussions allow you to ask specific questions, such as "How can I set up an Internet connection in Lesotho?" or "Could you recommend a good TB Lab in Rwanda for our program?" Discussions also enable you to collaborate with members working on the same issues by sharing your know-how, for example, your program’s newest intervention or your organization’s outreach projects and experiences.

Can I promote/advertise for a commercial service/product in a discussion/community?
GHDonline Content and Services may not be used in connection with any commercial endeavors except those that are specifically endorsed or approved by GHDonline. Please note that advertisements, commercial postings, and other forms of solicitation such as chain letters and pyramid schemes, are inappropriate on GHDonline, and may result in membership termination. Please read the Terms of Use for more information on this.

How can I start a discussion?
Depending on the topic of your discussion, select the community in which you would like to start a discussion and follow these steps:
1. Sign in to GHDonline
2. Go to the Communities page
2. Click on the name of the community in which you would like to start the discussion
3. On the community home page, click on Add discussion, fill out the form, and Submit!

You can also start a new discussion by sending an email to your community. Email addresses of communities are located in the Email Settings section in My Profile. Make sure to save your community email address to your contact book.

Can I remove or edit a discussion I started?
If you think the topic of your discussion is out-of-date or if you’d like to correct a mistake in the discussion, you can submit an update to your discussion by posting a reply for all members to read. If you have other concerns (such as privacy information breach or feel the discussion you posted is inappropriate) and want to remove your post, please contact us directly indicating the link to the discussion you wish to remove. The GHDonline Team will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I reply to a discussion?
Click on the Add reply button, then type your message in the text box and click on Submit and you’re done! If you would like to add files or links to your reply, type your message in the text box, click on Attach links or Attach files to attach your documents, then click on Submit. Note that you can also contribute to discussions by email.

How can I tell a colleague about a discussion?
If you would like to share a discussion with a colleague, please click on one of the sharing icons (email, print, Facebook, Twitter, and more) in the right column of a discussion. You can email several colleagues at the same time, and add a personal message, or post to your social networks. If you would like your colleague to contribute to the discussion, please invite him/her to sign up to GHDonline by clicking on the Send invitation to join link on the right column of a community home page.

Can I attach a file to my discussion?
Yes, you can attach a file or link to your reply! You can upload documents such as guidelines, protocols, check lists, photos, or presentations as well as links to external sites so that GHDonline members will be able to search for and download these resources. Once you have clicked on Add discussion and typed your discussion title and message, and included any keywords, you can click on the link to Attach Resources. Simply click on Attach files or Attach links to add your documents to the discussion you started and click Submit to save your changes.

What are Recommendations?
GHDonline members can recommend discussions which they find especially interesting or valuable by clicking on the Recommend button on a discussion page. If you have recommended something by mistake, you can remove your recommendation. You can access content you’ve recommended by clicking on My Recommendations in the community home page. The Most Popular tab in the community home page shows discussions that have received the most recommendations from GHDonline members.

Can I get emails about new content in my communities?
Yes! You can get an email each time a new discussion or reply is added to any of your communities. To do so, simply access your profile by clicking on My Profile, and select the Email Settings section, then choose your notification frequency for your communities. You can choose Per Post to be notified of all new activity as it happens, enabling you to reply right away and participate seamlessly via email. You can also choose Daily Digest notifications for a daily email summary of activity from the community. To opt out of email notifications for a community, choose No Email. But remember that you can only participate in discussions via email by choosing Per Post. For more information on email notification settings, please read the answer to "How can I be notified of new activity in my community(ies) by email?"

How can I contact a member individually?
GHDonline does not have a private messaging feature, and members’ email addresses are not shared with other members of GHDonline in accordance with our Privacy Policy but you can choose to include your email address in a discussion or reply. You may also include your email address in your Bio. Please note that email addresses in discussions and member profiles are viewable by the public.

How can I find discussions that have already taken place or files that have already been posted?
You can use the Latest tab at the top of community home pages to browse the most recent discussions. Clicking on More posts will direct you to a search for all content from that community. You can also search for specific discussions and related files by using the Search box. See "Using the Search Engine" for more information.

What are Community Topics?
Community Topics are keywords selected by moderators of communities to help structure content. You can access discussions and files by topic simply by clicking on one of the Community Topics in the right column of the community home page. Please tag new discussions with the appropriate topic(s) and add your own keywords. This will help GHDonline members find relevant content.

How can I start a new community?
If you have ideas for creating a new community, we invite you to contact us with detailed contact information. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

I’m not sure about the copyright status of a document or article that I would like to add to my community. What should I do?
Disclaimer: The information in this section is for information only and should not be construed as legal advice.

When posting a file, either PDF or a Word document, in a GHDonline community, you should always make sure not to infringe any copyrights or other Intellectual Property (IP) rights. On a general basis, you own the rights to original content work that you have personally created and authored on your own (i.e. not as part of an organization or a contract with a company for example). In an organization, you should contact the manager responsible for this (varies depending on the organization) before posting any documents. For articles that you have not authored or do not own the copyrights of, you should always refer to the publication’s or publisher’s copyrights before publishing any articles. For more information on Fair use excerpts, you can read the Stanford University page on this. You can also share/link back to all articles published in open-access journals such as PLoS Medicine. If you have a specific concern regarding a document or file as posted in a GHDonline community, please refer to our Terms of Use Contact section.

Email Participation

What is email participation?
Email participation allows members to start and reply to discussions in a community completely via email. This functionality allows GHDonline members to stay up to date and involved in discussions without accessing the website. There are two aspects to email participation: email notifications and starting and replying to discussions via email.

How can I change or turn off my email notification settings?
You can update your email notification settings at any time by visiting the Email Settings section in My Profile.

How can I be notified of new activity in my communities by email?
You can be notified of new activity in your communities by email by choosing either Per Post or Daily Digest email notifications. By choosing Per Post notifications, you will be able to contribute to your communities via email simply by replying to the email notifications your receive.

The Daily Digest email notification setting provides you with a single, daily email update on all the latest activity for all the communities for which you have selected this setting.

How can I start a discussion via email?
You can start a new discussion by sending an email to the appropriate community - community email addresses are located in the Email Settings in My Profile.

Type your discussion title in the subject field and the discussion in the body of your email. Once you hit send, your email message will be posted as a new discussion in the community and sent to members who subscribe to email notifications. Make sure to save your community email addresses in your address book to ensure notifications reach your inbox.

How can I reply to a discussion using email?
To reply to a discussion where you have received a Per Post notification, simply reply to the notification you received. To reply to a discussion within a Daily Digest notification, click on the link that says “Reply via email” and write your reply in the body of your email.

Please keep in mind that your replies are automatically published in the community and shared with members who subscribe to email notifications. Replies are posted to the community as they are received, so be sure to remove any contact information or other personal details that you would like to keep private before sending your reply.

Will I receive a notification that a discussion or reply sent via email has been posted?
No. Your discussion or reply will be sent to all community members with Per Post notifications, and included in the community’s Daily Digest for that day, but if you have subscribed to Per Post notifications, you will not receive a notification of your own posts submitted via email. If you are concerned your discussion or reply has not been posted, please visit the website to confirm.

Will my email address be visible if I start or reply to a discussion via email?
No. Your email address will not appear in the discussion unless you include it in your message. You may choose to remove your email signature that may contain private contact information at the bottom of your message.

Can I post a file via email attachment?
No. GHDonline will not post files attached in email messages to the communities. To attach files to your discussion or reply, please submit your post via the website.

Using the Search Engine

How does the GHDonline search engine work?
The GHDonline search engine is entirely custom-built. By searching in GHDonline, you can find highly relevant content from discussions in GHDonline communities and content from our partners.

How can I use the filters in the right column of the search results page?
You can use filters to narrow down your results and find exactly what you are looking for. You can filter results by community, member, organization, or keyword.


How can my organization partner with GHDonline?
The GHD Project gathered IT experts and health implementers from founding collaborators in various countries to build GHDonline, a platform for professionals in resource-limited settings to engage in problem solving and share information they need to improve health outcomes. At its core, GHDonline is a collaborative effort: members share knowledge that is applicable in the field but not found in traditional media, and partner organizations work with us to provide expert content, services and tools to members.

These custom partnerships provide GHDonline members in resource-limited settings with professional services and content to support their work. For example, UpToDate, Inc., an electronic evidence-based medical information resource and decision-support tool, joined to provide a limited number of subscriptions to qualifying members who provide health care services in underserved communities outside the United States. Discussions with organizations to provide a platform of collaboration at international conferences so that connections can be made and lessons can be disseminated before, during, and after these gatherings are also ongoing. We invite you to join this unique collaboration effort so please contact us with inquiries.

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