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Education, Counseling & Support Materials for People Living with HIV/AIDS

Added on 26 Apr 2010
Last updated on 14 Jun 2011

Authors: By Anat Rosenthal, PhD; Reviewed by Sophie Beauvais and Peter Ehrenkranz, MD

Peer education is an effective strategy in support of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and in prevention of HIV/AIDS in the community. The creation of context-relevant peer education materials and training modules is essential to provide information, tips and guidance on health talks prior to antiretroviral therapy (ART) clinic visits or psychosocial counseling for example.

Stemming from a post by moderator Peter Ehrenkranz describing how he and colleagues at the National AIDS and STI Control Program in Liberia worked with the Positive Living Association of Liberia to develop peer education training and materials, members participating in this discussion exchange resources and advice on how to adapt materials.

Key Points

  • Peer support groups are an integral part of ART clinics.
  • They can:
    • Perform health talks prior to ART clinics.
    • Help with triage.
    • Provide counseling: 1-1, adherence and psychosocial, HIV treatment and testing.
    • Do outreach in the community
  • Materials such as modules should be short, in 'simple' English or native language preferably, exemplify information with images, charts, and graphs; and provide notes for counselors and health workers.

Key References

Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV in PMTCT and Care and Treatment Programs: Comprehensive Peer Educator Training Curriculum and Implementation Manual, including: Trainer Manual; Participant Manual; and Implementation Manual (English).

Enrich the GHDonline Knowledge Base: Please consider replying to this discussion with the following information

  • Your organization’s peer education and support materials: files or links
  • Pieces of advice on how to engage people living with HIV/AIDS in their treatment and support activities
  • Sharing your experience on creating materials for patients peer education, and/or on implementing peer support interventions within your organization.

Download: 12_02_10_Education_and_Counseling_for_PLHA_.pdf (37.5 KB)