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Evidence for and examples of antiretroviral adherence support and retention in care strategies in South Africa

Marcia Holstad replied

Dear Alasdair, I am attaching an article describing a successfull pilot project in Lagos, Nigeria. We evaluated the efficacy of motivational groups, using motivational interviewing, to promote adherence to ART and risk reduction behaviors in HIV infected women in Lagos. This was published in the African Journal of Reproductive Health ... read more

Updated: 18 Feb, 2013
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Job Opportunity: Tiyatien Health - focused on "last mile health" using CHWs in Liberia

by Christina Bethke

Tiyatien Health is presently hiring for the position of Program Director. I’d be grateful if you could please share this posting with your respective networks and with anyone who you think might be qualified and interested in the position. ABOUT US: Tiyatien Health (TH) is a local NGO headquartered in ... read more

Updated: 16 Feb, 2013
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A recent published paper from Australia on ART prescribers' views and practices around ART initiation

by LImin Mao

Dear members I am a Senior Research Fellow at the National Centre in HIV Social Research, Sydney, Australia. Here is an interesting article looking at ART prescribers' views and practices around ART initiation in the era of Treatment as Prevention. While there is a push to get all HIV-positive people ... read more

Updated: 13 Feb, 2013
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Rogers Hellman replied

Sandy: In a matter of 2 or 3 weeks it will be commercially available. If interested, please feel free to contact me or call: 703.625.6975 In the meantime, once I have your email, I'd be happy to send you a link where you can install it on a Windows ... read more

Updated: 13 Feb, 2013
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A new study on text messaging to improve adherence to HIV medication

Lawrence Mbuagbaw replied

Thanks Richard, Unfortunately, the media is eager to draw conclusions from a single study simply because it is the most recent. Our findings suggest that text messaging may be more useful to different subgroups of the population based on gender, duration on antiretroviral therapy and level of education. There is ... read more

Updated: 12 Feb, 2013
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Member Spotlight: Marijn de Bruin - is adherence care under threat?

Kelli O'Laughlin replied

GHD Online Colleagues- In light of our recent posts about process improvements in clinics in low-resource settings, I want to share with you new information I am learning about a "Simple Electronic Medical Record" (SEMR). Last week Mr. Rogers Hellman introduced himself to our group and shared that he is ... read more

Updated: 11 Feb, 2013
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Combination Implementation for HIV Prevention

Pamela Marks replied

Hi Larry, thanks for posting. Regards, Pamela Marks read more

Updated: 08 Feb, 2013
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Timeliness of clinic appointments as a predictor vriological suppression

by Pamela Marks

Hi All, thought others working in resource limited ART programs would find this of interest: This article assesses the relationship between one of the WHO early warning indicators, adherence to clinic appointments, and virological response and drug resistance. Background The WHO early warning indicators are a list of 8 indicators ... read more

Updated: 08 Feb, 2013
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Measuring delivery system design in resource limited setttings

Pamela Marks replied

Moses, to add to your query, some programs are now doing something called a Basic Care package for pre-ART patients which includes- psychosocial support, counseling etc. The CDC SA program has something called IACT, read more

Updated: 06 Feb, 2013
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Call for Papers: Social Networks, Health, and Mental Health (Social Science & Medicine)

by Alexander Tsai

Hi GHDonline community: Social Science & Medicine has just released a Call for Papers for a special issue on social networks, health and mental health. We recognize that many of the submissions will have disease-specific foci, including HIV -- such as social network interventions for ART adherence or social network ... read more

Updated: 31 Jan, 2013
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