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Moderators of Technology for Patient Engagement and GHDonline staff

The Global Health Delivery Project at Harvard University and the Commonwealth Fund have partnered to identify breakthrough opportunities with the potential to dramatically increase patient engagement through technology.

Discussion Briefs

Breakthrough Opportunities in Technologies for Patient Engagement: Event Discussion Brief

At a House committee hearing on health in 2004, Dr. Charles Safran, President of the American Medical Informatics Association, testified, “In our country, patients are the most underutilized resource, and they have the most at stake. They want to be involved, and they can be involved. Their participation will lead to better medical outcomes at lower cost with dramatically higher patient and customer satisfaction. We should remember that the real goal of improved health information systems is not better hospitals or better physician practices but better quality of care and healthier citizens.”

In response, the Global Health Delivery Project at Harvard University has partnered with the Commonwealth Fund Breakthrough Health Care Opportunities Program to develop a series of online events to crowd-source, assess, and examine breakthrough ideas with our professional virtual community of over 14,000 health care implementers from 184 countries. Through robust ideation and discussion with the geographically and professionally diverse community on, we hope to identify unique opportunities to dramatically improve the health of populations.
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