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Idea QR codes for medication packaging

By GHDonline Team | 16 Dec, 2014

Idea submitted by: Nana Kwaku mainoo

Putting QR codes on medicine packages to enable patients check the authenticity of the medicine, locate medications in the nearest pharmacies by GPS, get medicine information in audio and video formats in local languages.

Data generated can be used to analyze the movement of medicines across markets, curb counterfeits, improve adherence and assess the usage.


Yudha Saputra Replied at 7:07 PM, 17 Dec 2014

Great ideas Nana Kwaku Mainoo. Every smartphone now have QR code reader, and almost every people have smartphone. This opportunities must be used for improving health quality around the globe.

My questions:
1. Where all this data will be stored? in government database, hospital, pharmacies, in private website that accessible for every one, in private website that can only be accessible for member, or in each patient smartphone storage?
2. How do we measure the successfull of this app / tools? Adherence level?

Thank you

Warm Regards
Yudha Saputra
Tw: @yudhaism

Nana Mainoo Replied at 2:48 AM, 18 Dec 2014

Thanks for the response Yudha,
The data will be stored in the database of the private company that will run this service and it will be accessible freely by all smartphone users. Many people in developing countries, especially in sub-Sahara Africa are faced with the challenge of combing around pharmacies to look for medications. This tool will use gps location technology to show them the closest pharmacy or chemical store to find medications they need.
The tool will allow users to give feedback on using the platform as well as feedback on the medicine usage ( which will be useful for pharmacovigilance purposes, as currently people seldom report adverse drug reactions). The tool will also result in improved sales in pharmacies who hitherto were not receiving prescriptions as a result of patients not reaching out to them.
Doctors will see improved adherence to prescription and improved access to drugs prescribed. I believe the KPIs for measuring will be as stated,
In summary:
1. Improvement in sales of difficult to find medications
2. Increased access to prescribed medicines
3. Increased and early detection of counterfeit medicines
4.increased pharmacovigilance reporting
5. Increased knowledge about medication use

All of these information can be gathered from data generated from app usage as well as market research

Hisham Yousif Advisor Replied at 5:11 PM, 18 Dec 2014

I like this idea a lot! I think if done right with formidable logistics and planning that it can make medication purchase/management much easier. My worry is that QR codes can be easily duplicated and that fake medicines/drugs will start to flood the market, so I don't think it would deter counterfits per say, but there could be a way to secure the QR codes. As far as connecting it to patient adherence, that is different given proprietary mechanisms in place at every hospital/health center/physician's office. As a foundation, I think being able to scan medication barcodes and know what medication it is and where to find the medication and then information about it.

Nana Mainoo Replied at 5:35 AM, 19 Dec 2014

Thanks for the suggestion. We intend solving the security issue with the QR by generating specific unique codes which will be displayed per scan. The number will also be printed inside the medicine package so that the user can match and confirm authenticity. This will prevent duplication as any scanned pack will be recorded as used on the parent system.

This Community is Archived.

This community is no longer active as of December 2018. Thanks to those who posted here and made this information available to others visiting the site.