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Breakthrough Opportunities in Technologies for Patient Engagement: Event Discussion Brief

Isabelle Celentano replied

As Rebecca mentioned, we're very excited to share the Discussion Brief of the Breakthrough Opportunities Event. The Discussion Brief can be accessed at: read more

Updated: 28 Jul, 2015
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Medical history mobile app

A/Prof. Terry HANNAN replied

Because "history taking" is the core critical encounter phenomenon that we perform with patients (we do the physical examination to confirm the presence or absence what we already know from the history) I felt that the following publication which came in my citations notifications would be useful reading for the ... read more

Updated: 02 Feb, 2015
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Consolidated health records for all children and youth in foster care

Soori Kani replied

Hi everyone, I appreciate all of your feedback on this topic. Please let me know if you are interested in continuing offline. Om G, I am especially interested in the unique perspective you provide, and would like to further discuss the concept of the " record keeping as a resource ... read more

Updated: 21 Jan, 2015
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Automated at-home rounding systems

Mark Ott replied

Thanks for your thoughts, Lisa! I see your point about employer interest in this type of technology. Makes a ton of sense. I'm also familiar with Iora, Ginger, and Eliza. NextStep is new to me. Iora's worry score sounds pretty interesting and definitely aligns with our system's focus on gauging ... read more

Updated: 07 Jan, 2015
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CARE to SHARE App and NLP to Enhance Patient Engagement and the Cancer Registry

Sarah Patrick replied

I have been working on cervical cancer surveillance needs with colleagues in Guatemala thanks to my former Fulbright student, Christian Alvarez, who wrote the cervical cancer plan for the country on contract with PAHO. There is no cancer registry currently in place. Without standardized medical records and numerous NGO screenings ... read more

Updated: 06 Jan, 2015
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Framework for patient and provider incentives

Michael Dermer replied

Terry thanks so much for your comments. For any that are interested in the topic, I've written a lot about it @rewardforhealth and Here are a few sample blog posts for those that are interested: Will Every Human Be in a Health Reward Program? When It Comes To Health ... read more

Updated: 06 Jan, 2015
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Drones for medication delivery and directly observed therapy

A/Prof. Terry HANNAN replied

Marie, even though most of the discussion has been completed this video was sent to me today. read more

Updated: 05 Jan, 2015
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John Halamka on social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies for patient engagement

Cheryl Lynne Galler replied

The interactive function of your idea is a great way to improve actionable knowledge. What I love the most is the idea that a patient can read the notes that medical personal have written and then comment on them. When people are sick, they are not always able to correctly ... read more

Updated: 24 Dec, 2014
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E-Learning Satellite Technology

chris macrae replied

Here is a reference to paul farmer and senate hearing a day later - its not as concentrated as the 60 minute discussion the night before which I will keep on asking to see up on the web if you move video to minute 20 that is where the ... read more

Updated: 22 Dec, 2014
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A social network to connect those who need help, with those who can provide it

Om G replied

Have been advocating and working toward such a 'has/needs' system for some time. Breaking it out of the existing social networking environment is very important. The existing networks are profit oriented and sell your personal human characteristics in a manner that does not reflect privacy of even give you control ... read more

Updated: 21 Dec, 2014
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