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Quality of Life Assessment App submitted by Victoria Hill

Patient Communication Population Health Management

Idea submitted by: Victoria Hill, PhD In low/middle income countries, public healthcare tends to be distributed as if by tiered levels of service. It’s not an intentional policy but the result of difficulties funding remote and sparsely populated regions. However, there are patients in these regions that are elderly, weak ... (read more)

E-Learning Satellite Technology submitted by chris macrae

Education Healthworker training Population Health Management

Idea submitted by: Chris Macrae The idea is to use the existing technology of Yazmi (, an e-learning satellite-to-tablet content delivery system to share content that explores different topics including top 10 demonstrations of the power of community health care. Other topics include nursing, nutrition, clean energy, mobile life saving ... (read more)

Web app to improve patient-provider communication submitted by Marie Link

Apps Education Patient Communication

Idea submitted by: Marie Link Engagement is achieved when individuals reach a certain level of comfort with a given situation. If the situation is purchasing a car, individuals research answers to questions and purchase only after determining that decision to engage is worthwhile. Healthcare is more personal than car buying, ... (read more)

CARE to SHARE App and NLP to Enhance Patient Engagement and the Cancer Registry submitted by Valerie Watzlaf

Patient Communication Population Health Management

Idea submitted by: Valerie Watzlaf, PhD Healthcare facilities are required by law to report cancer-related data items to state and central cancer registries. Since the cancer data is not required to be reported concurrently, it can be outdated, incomplete and underutilized. Also, risk factors of a specific cancer that may ... (read more)

Patient medication safety in hard to reach communities in Uganda using SMS submitted by Joshua Wamboga

Adherence Patient Communication Patient Safety Population Health Management Quality SMS

Idea submitted by: Joshua Wamboga Unsafe medications and unsafe use of medications are increasingly becoming a problem in Uganda. Patients continue to be harmed or lose lives and it has led to increasing health care costs; lack of adherence, self-medication, counterfeit medicine and adverse drug reactions are all challenges. The ... (read more)

Medical Digital Environment and E-Learning Enhancement submitted by Joanna Venieri

Education Telemedicine

Idea submitted by: Joanna Venieri I work in a project regarding E-Learning enhancement for patient health improvement to offer better health and teach patients with chronic illness in remote areas. The project is to improve the training quality in telehealth through an effective virtual environment with e-learning materials. To improve ... (read more)

DesignerData1.0: Data visualization for obesity and heart health submitted by Madhuri Gandikota

Data EMRs Population Health Management

Idea submitted by: Madhuri Gandikota We are a small startup interested in translating big-health-data to knowledge. Our solutions are based on the techniques of observational research and evidence based medicine guidelines. This involves A) Design a clinical question B) translating clinical decision rules into models, i.e. data and security design ... (read more)

Cloud-based medical data storage submitted by GHDonline Team

Data EMRs PHRs Population Health Management

Idea submitted by: Nana Kwaku mainoo A medical record data bank where patients voluntarily asks allows their medical data to be stored in a cloud,with their unique password, they can make their medial records accessible to any healthcare facility they visit in the world. This will be very useful in ... (read more)

QR codes for medication packaging submitted by GHDonline Team

Adherence Data Patient Communication Remote Monitoring

Idea submitted by: Nana Kwaku mainoo Putting QR codes on medicine packages to enable patients check the authenticity of the medicine, locate medications in the nearest pharmacies by GPS, get medicine information in audio and video formats in local languages. Data generated can be used to analyze the movement of ... (read more)

Mobile Follow Up App submitted by Abhijit Bhograj

Adherence Mobile applications Patient Communication

Submitted by: Dr Abhijit Bhograj Most patients once started on a treatment are lost to follow up thanks to the complexity of our health system. The follow up app is a pre-set questionnaire follow up, texted to the patient few days/hours after the primary visit. This is very important because ... (read more)

Combine goal oriented care & new technologies to make care more patient centered & humane submitted by Basit Chaudhry

Data Goal oriented care Patient-centered care Policy Population Health Management

Idea submitted by: Basit Chaudhry Innovations in technology are often become breakthroughs when combined with innovations in service delivery. Conversely-radical innovations in services often depend on new technologies. Goal oriented care offers a promising approach to create this needed synergy in healthcare. Goal oriented care is a model where patients ... (read more)

Symptom concern call-in line submitted by Cheryl Lynne Galler

Patient Communication

Idea submitted by: Dr. Cheryl Lynne Galler I would create an IT program that could be accessed by phone. It would be the equivalent of a 911 symptom concern line. The point would be to allow an immediate answer for patients when during their usual treatment they encounter a sensation, ... (read more)

Virtual-team healthcare systems submitted by Norman Sondheimer

Patient Communication Population Health Management Team based care

Idea submitted by: Norman Sondheimer Nina Kjellson's keynote talked about coaching apps as way of engaging patients. Let's raise the ante by thinking through how to get everyone the patient needs engaged. Those people would include their care team with the primary physician, the nurses, pharmacists and specialists, and then ... (read more)

Automated at-home rounding systems submitted by Mark Ott

EMRs Patient Communication Population Health Management Remote Monitoring

Idea submitted by: Mark Ott A great model for patient engagement already exists and it’s widely used in hospitals across the country: inpatient nurse rounding. Rounding is proactive, personal, and efficient. Patients and families like it. It improves patient outcomes, safety, and satisfaction. And clinicians actually find it to be ... (read more)

Consolidated health records for all children and youth in foster care submitted by Soori Kani

EMRs Policy

Idea submitted by: Soori Kani Initiate programs and policies to ensure that health information for foster children is shared more effectively among foster-parents, social services professionals, court system, and healthcare providers as children move through various care situations. Given the complex social and physical/mental health issues of children and youth ... (read more)

Consumer-facing trust bundles for EMRs submitted by GHDonline Team

Data EMRs Policy Population Health Management

Idea submitted by: Aaron Seib As a component of meaningful use EMRs should be required to load a consumer-facing trust bundle based on a community established consensus driven process. Additionally, in a similar fashion to how CMS required providers to use certified technology to qualify for a new chronic care ... (read more)

Framework for patient and provider incentives submitted by Michael Dermer

Incentives Population Health Management

Idea submitted by: Michael Dermer Financial rewards are critical to drive patient and provider behavior. Forbes identified 5 trends with the potential to transform healthcare and rewards for patient and provider behavior were 2 of the 5. A framework for deploying rewards to these audience is a foundational asset that ... (read more)

Treatment compliance software for MDR/XDR TB submitted by Shelly Batra, MD

Adherence Population Health Management

Idea submitted by: Shelly Batra Operation ASHA has developed and implemented an innovative and low-cost solution to turn the tap off on MDR/XDR TB with the use of biometric technology. eCompliance was developed in collaboration with the Research Lab of Microsoft and Innovators in International Health, Boston, USA. eCompliance tracks ... (read more)

Videos for patient engagement and education submitted by GHDonline Team

Education Patient Communication

Idea submitted by: Barbara Saul We, at Wayne State University School of Medicine, are working in Haiti to improve patient health engagement and health literacy. Since less than 40% of the population is literate, we want to create patient-oriented health videos in Creole that could be seen on smartphone, tablet, ... (read more)

Quantifying Patient-Centered Values for Cancer-Treatment Outcomes submitted by Marie Connelly

Clinical research Clinical trials Patient Communication Patient portals

Idea submitted by: Joanne Buzaglo The Cancer Support Community (CSC) and Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) want to disrupt the way the FDA and pharmaceutical companies determine the value of current and new cancer treatments by incorporating patient-determined preferences. The idea is to quantify cancer patients’ value for treatments and ... (read more)

Digital cards and biometrics for accessing medical record data submitted by Patrick Jouissance

EMRs Population Health Management

Idea submitted by: Patrick Jouissance In many primary care facilities within developing countries, one of the greatest challenges that are being faced by the health care system is the reliability of the medical archives. Having readily access to medical records can be very problematic. This situation certainly has a deleterious ... (read more)

Smart watch to support pediatric patients living with painful chronic conditions submitted by Sylvia Sosa

Patient Communication Population Health Management Remote Monitoring Wearables & Self Monitoring

Idea submitted by: Global Organization for Maternal & Child Health: Sylvia Sosa, Valerie Kong, Board of Directors Interactive device similar to a watch, or wearable technology, that engages the pediatric patient experiencing pain from chronic disease such as cancer and HIV/AIDS. "Pain watch" allows the child to press a button ... (read more)

Collaborative editing and improved tooling for patient portals submitted by Norman Sondheimer

Data EMRs Patient Communication Patient portals PHRs

Idea submitted by: Norman Sondheimer Online tools and processes that patients can employ to improve the accuracy of their electronic health records. Patient portals are enabling easy access to one’s record. At the same time, patients are discovering errors of various types in these records. These errors include simple demographic ... (read more)

Portal to manage transitions from hospital to rehabilitation settings submitted by Zvi Frankel

Adherence EMRs Patient Communication Patient portals PHRs

Idea submitted by: Zvi Frankel There's a plethora of published research establishing the dramatic decrease of re-admissions and complications when patients receive optimal post-discharge rehabilitation. At the same time, the unfortunate reality is that a very high percentage of patients never end up receiving the critical benefits of attending an ... (read more)

Web and mobile tools for gathering patient-reported outcome data submitted by GHDonline Team


Idea submitted by: Chris Hayes Patient Reported Outcome measures and instruments are a growing area of practice and research. Tools like the Kansas City Cardiomyopathy Questionnaire have patients provide their perspectives on their social, health and functional well-being. This tool predicts outcomes for, in this case, CHF. I can imagine ... (read more)

Adapted tele-health systems to serve patients with disabilities submitted by Kathlenn Healey

Patient Communication Telemedicine

Idea submitted by: Kathleen Healey My practice involves serving profoundly disabled individuals with MS who live at home, I do make house calls with my team. My idea includes an adapted tele-health system to serve the severely disabled including "super" screens, keyboards and enhanced voice interaction supporting care delivery. Multidisciplinary ... (read more)

Drones for medication delivery and directly observed therapy submitted by Rostislav Mitrofanov

Adherence Drones Patient Communication Remote Monitoring

Idea submitted by: Rostislav A Mitrofanov, MD Using flying robots/drones for medication delivery to patients (with tuberculosis, for example) with possibility of directly observed treatment and patient direct communication with medical specialist. The drone can be programmed to locate mobile signal from a targeted patient and to deliver itself to ... (read more)

A mobile app for monitoring child growth and development submitted by Manu Gupta

Apps Patient Communication Remote Monitoring Wearables & Self Monitoring

Idea submitted by: Manu Gupta Timely monitoring and treatment is critical for proper child growth and development. Growth monitoring consists of routine measurements to detect abnormal growth, combined with treatment when this is detected. I propose a mobile application, which can also be used by health workers in a home ... (read more)

A social network to connect those who need help, with those who can provide it submitted by Abhijit Bhograj

Patient Communication Population Health Management Social networks

Idea submitted by: Dr Abhijit Bhograj Use social networks to link those who wish to do good. Existing networks could be used or a new platform could be developed. I am an endocrinologist from India, on an average I see 30-40 patients per day, and out of the 40, I ... (read more)

Patient narrative extensions to EHRs submitted by GHDonline Team

EMRs Patient Communication

Idea submitted by: Peter Pennefather Patient should find chronic medication management for chronic disease AMUSEing – an Agreeable, Meaningful, Universal, Salutogenesis, Experience. This can be fostered through a patient narrative extensions to eHealth record systems. That extension would allow construction of a record of the patient's experience in a story ... (read more)

An All Purpose Medical Information System submitted by SIMPA DANIA

EMRs Patient Communication PHRs Population Health Management

We are developing the All Purpose Medical Information System (APMIS), a connected healthcare platform, that is being implemented in Nigeria. APMIS is an innovative Health Information System (HIS) that connects all stakeholders together on a single platform to harness the value that various stakeholders seek and is inherent in our ... (read more)

Medical history mobile app submitted by Abhijit Bhograj

Coaching EMRs Patient Communication

Good medical history takes time and is an art. It forms the basis of any exam and is the crux of diagnosis. Since the majority of our population uses cell phones, a Medical History app is designed to take a good history before the patient visits the doctor. Key words, ... (read more)

Information and Communication Technology platform integration at the primary care level submitted by Yannis Kalantzakis

Behavior change Education Patient Communication

We need to use integrated cycles of care (involving the healthy individual / patient / consumer) in primary health care settings through the use of ICT platform. Co-management should be offered to the consumer. This should be holistic, affordable, easy to use, easy to access. We need assistance from psychologists ... (read more)

Data interoperability to increase implementation of best practices submitted by GHDonline Team

Cost Transparency Data EMRs Payments

Idea submitted by: Marc Samet Full data interoperability to be able to truly define the fully burdened costs of care. Once reliable costs in different settings and case mixes is defined the risk share components of ACA will be more accurate. Increased accuracy in risk-share reimbursement benchmarks will simultaneous increase ... (read more)

E-learning technologies for patient education and behavior change submitted by GHDonline Team


Idea submitted by: Genevieve Gaudet There is a significant opportunity to improve patient understanding of health inputs, outcomes and medical results through communications design and technology. For many patients, especially those with chronic lifestyle-related conditions, the factors contributing to their health outcomes are manifold. This challenge is compounded by opaque ... (read more)

Patient profiles and Primary Care Provider matching system submitted by Ryan Peterson

Booking & Scheduling

Idea submitted by: Ryan Peterson The choice of a primary care provider can have broad impact on a patient's interaction with the health system. Often, this choice comes down to picking the closest doctor or through word of mouth. The types of things that are important to different patients are ... (read more)

Apps for patient engagement submitted by Ricky Leung

Apps Coaching EMRs Patient Communication PHRs Population Health Management

Patients all over the world now have access to mobile devices—such as cell phones that can run mobile apps. Apps are gold to increase patient engagement. Consider depression patients: Resource constraints make it difficult for many of them to receive adequate face-to-face consultation from psychiatrists, nurses and other caregivers. Mobile ... (read more)

Increase data integration, particularly in resource limited settings submitted by Jumatil Fajar

EMRs Patient Communication Population Health Management

I suggest local government to connect the citizen data from other offices (population and civil registration office) to the medical record. This will improve the problem of justification of patient ID in insurance office. This also will improve the service at front office of hospital to the community. Integration of ... (read more)

Using the diverse healthcare workforce in US to tackle the healthcare disparity in US and beyond! submitted by Soojin Jun

Patient Communication Telemedicine

The US is like a microcosm of the wider world with so many ethnic and cultural diversity; more than 50 million US population speak languages other than English and more than 22.3 million people believe they have limited English proficiency. We have so many highly qualified healthcare professionals who are ... (read more)

Faster, more affordable lab testing submitted by Sue Houck


Having survived a life threatening illness, worked as a primary care provider and facilitator of care transformation with hundreds of primary care providers and hospital systems and authored a book on redesigning primary care, I laud your effort here. I would like to submit a new technology breakthrough of faster ... (read more)

Incentives for patient interaction with EHRs and patient portals submitted by GHDonline Team

Adherence Tools EMRs Patient Communication Population Health Management

Idea submitted by: Elizabeth Berka Offer incentives for patients consenting to Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs). This may involve a point system in which patients earn points every time they view their electronic health record (EHR) and/or comment after receiving medical care. Every patient would have a unique username/password for ... (read more)

Cloud-based health "kiosks" for HIV patients submitted by John Adungosi

Patient Communication Payments

In the US and other countries, an estimated 75% HIV positive adults are linked to care but only 48-56% are retained in care and 25-35% have undetectable viral loads, the goal of anti-retroviral treatment. To achieve the treatment and prevention goals of the HIV Strategy, it is recommended that at ... (read more)

Giving consumers a voice from any angle submitted by GHDonline Team

Data Analysis Population Health Management

Idea submitted by: Mike Brooke Capturing consumer input on health service experiences demands a wide range of low cost, reproducible and locally supported channels that can manage large volumes of data. This idea uses a central processing "engine" with input sourced via each individual's preferred channel, including forums, focus groups, ... (read more)

Home telehealth submitted by Joel Reich

Population Health Management Remote Monitoring Telemedicine

Idea submitted by: Joel J, Reich, MD Home Telehealth has tremendous potential for patient engagement and activation. While it is currently quite helpful in the home management of patients with COPD, HF, and diabetes it has much untapped potential for home, skilled nursing facility, and assisted living facility use. To ... (read more)

Relax scope of practice laws to explore changing workflows submitted by Liana Woskie

Payments Policy

Key to leveraging HIT to drive efficient patient centered care is determining how the introduction of technologies changes the work flow of providers. In other industries, IT has created efficiencies by enabling workers to perform at a higher level than they could previously and fundamentally change jobs. Yet, in healthcare ... (read more)

Expand certification criteria for EHRs to include a published API layer submitted by Liana Woskie


Currently, the vast majority of EHR systems are proprietary, and vendors do not make their application programming interfaces (API) available. As a result, interactions are limited to each healthcare provider’s system making integration of outside data or tools effectively impossible.* (See attached article from Keith Marsolo in the Journal of ... (read more) for health records submitted by Alex Kazberouk

Adherence Tools Data Analysis PHRs

I propose the development of a centralized access point for patient records, similar to the way individuals can access their financial records in one place on If patients were able to pull in data from a range of providers, they could see their latest test results, diagnoses, treatment plans, ... (read more)