Awareness about mental health in Nepal

By Anjeel Chhetri | 22 Aug, 2017

In developing country like ours people still believe in faith healers and are afraid to be tagged mad when visiting to psychiatrist. Even educated colleagues of other speciality get it as granted. They themselves prescribe psychiatric medications instead of referral.what are possible ways to aware people about mental health in Nepal?



marwa saleh Replied at 10:26 PM, 22 Aug 2017

Anjeel, check out they are starting a robust mental
health program in both their sites in Accham and Dolakha and having great
success, they have training for staff physicians in mental health diagnosis
and management and have hired a counselor at each of their hospitals.

see this current article about mental health reality in Nepal,

Anjeel Chhetri Replied at 9:57 AM, 28 Aug 2017

Thank you for replying and the link.

Joe Niemczura, RN, MS Replied at 2:03 PM, 29 Aug 2017

I don't often check this site, so I missed this.

several of the authors are Nepali so I assume that maybe they knew of existing infrastructure.

I would have happily shared the names and contact information of various nursing faculty who teach psychiatric mental health nursing if I had known of this work.

In order to maintain accreditation, all of the twenty medical colleges in Nepal are required to offer psychiatric services, yet the study cited seems to have omitted this important set of resources.

The medical colleges tend to be located in the larger cities and reach a much larger population than some of the small NGOs that only operate one or to community hospitals.

I would be happy to offer my network of nurses and doctors in Nepal to anybody contemplating research there.

Anjeel Chhetri Replied at 8:46 PM, 29 Aug 2017

Thank you for replying.As you said it's very necessary to start psychiatry opd , if possible ward in all medical colleges. If in process of conducting research or carrying out some psychiatry awareness campaign. I will definitely contact you.

Sudan Karmacharya Replied at 2:57 PM, 6 Sep 2017

Sorry to reply late dr anjeel.I also agree that people prefer faith healers rather than visiting a psychiatrist causing them financial loss, suffering from severity of illness and loss of time.

Anjeel Chhetri Replied at 12:07 PM, 13 Sep 2017

Thank you for your comment and concern Dr Sudan.

Maniragaba Franco Replied at 5:47 AM, 14 Sep 2017

mrg! i would like to ask the condition required to get an internship in
this organization so that i may have much knowledge to empower my