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Call for applications for SAGE IVD and for the second edition of the EDL

By Francis Moussy | 20 Jul, 2018

SAGE IVD membership:
The World Health Organization (WHO) is soliciting applications for nominations for its 2019 Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on In Vitro Diagnostics (SAGE IVD). The SAGE IVD will act as an advisory body to WHO on matters of global policies and strategies related to IVDs including the ones pertaining to WHO Essential List of In Vitro Diagnostics.
Instructions for nominations are available at the following link: http://www.who.int/medicines/news/2017/strategic_advisory_group_experts_in_vi...
Candidates should submit their applications no later than 31st July 2018.

Submission of in vitro diagnostics for the next edition of the EDL:
We recently published the procedure to update the next edition of the WHO Model List of Essential in vitro Diagnostics List (EDL): http://www.who.int/medical_devices/diagnostics/WHO_Essential_Diagnostics_List...

For submitting applications for additions, modifications and deletions of in-vitro diagnostics, please use the following form: https://extranet.who.int/dataform/865541?lang=en
Pre-submissions should be done no later than 15 September 2018.

Second meeting of the SAGE IVD
We are glad to inform you that the second meeting of the SAGE IVD will be held in WHO Geneva on 18 to 22 march 2019.

We would appreciate you forwarding this message to interested parties.

With kind regards,

SAGE IVD/EDL secretariat

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