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Diagnosis of Zika

By Madhukar Pai Moderator | 03 Feb, 2017

Hi All,

Here is a useful, free JCM review article on Zika diagnosis. Since it is hard to clinically separate Zika from other acute fevers, there is a need for accurate, simple, commercial tools that can be scaled-up.

Ben Pinsky, Stanford, a co-author on this paper, will be able to answer questions posed on this Discussion.




Madhukar Pai Moderator Replied at 7:03 AM, 3 Feb 2017

PDF is attached here.

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Biswaroop Chatterjee Replied at 8:29 AM, 3 Feb 2017

That would be frightfully useful even for my students. :)

Dr. Biswaroop Chatterjee, MBBS, MD
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Infection Control Committee
Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences
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Richard Galli Replied at 10:35 AM, 3 Feb 2017

Thanks for this excellent Zika review article, very timely. The diagnostics industry is collectively working on solutions for diagnosis of arbovirus infection, particularly in populations where these infections are newly emergent. Current diagnostics have limitations due to cross reactivity across flavi- and alpha viruses, even at the IgM level, so we share the view that diagnostic algorithms may need to be developed to include rapid, accessible multiplex serological screening tools as well as more specific diagnostic tests to meet growing demands for testing. With Zika impact on pregnant women, ruling out infection is just as important as identifying infection, so the diagnostics industry is rapidly mobilizing to try and fulfill current unmet needs in this sector.

It would be interesting to hear viewpoints from this group on this subject!


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Chaitali Nikam Replied at 3:10 PM, 3 Feb 2017

Thank you very much for sharing this excellent review. It is providing complete solution for diagnostics parameters which can be used as per laboratory resources like Ag detection, Ab detection as well as molecular tests with specific target regions. Really accommodating !!


Pratibha Narang Replied at 11:32 PM, 3 Feb 2017

Thanks Madhu. Excellent review Very timely for my journal club meet! Will greatly benefit the Post graduates also

Madhukar Pai Moderator Replied at 8:46 PM, 6 Feb 2017

PLOS NTD just published this new article:

Update on Zika Diagnostic Tests and WHO’s Related Activities


After multiple consultations, WHO and stakeholders have published two target product profiles (TPPs) for new Zika tests. The first TPP focuses on the detection of active infection with Zika virus and the second on evidence of prior infection. They are intended to meet the needs of different population groups and current Zika virus challenges.

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Ben Pinsky Replied at 3:45 PM, 9 Feb 2017

Thank you everyone for your positive comments about our reveiw. In light of the WHO target product profile manuscript posted by Madhu, I'd like to share with the group our manuscripts on a multiplexed ZIKV, CHIKV, DENV (ZCD) real-time RT-PCR assay for the diagnosis of acute infections. In addition, I agree wholeheartedly with Rick's post and the WHO report, that there is a tremendous need for both antibody and antigen assays to complement the available molecular diagnostics.

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Madhukar Pai Moderator Replied at 3:53 PM, 9 Feb 2017

This is very helpful, Ben. Thanks. Good to have you in the community.

If folks wanted to try out your multiplexed ZIKV, CHIKV and DENV RT-PCR assay, how can they access it? Is it an open protocol anyone can work with as a home-brew PCR assay?


Madhukar Pai Moderator Replied at 3:46 PM, 11 Feb 2017

FYI, WHO has published a list of IVDs that are accepted for procurement under Emergency Use Assessment and Listing Procedure (EUAL) procedure for Zika virus IVDs:



Theam Soon Lim Replied at 9:38 AM, 15 Feb 2017

Thank you for the insightful review and Ben for sharing his work. Found it most interesting. Very related to the work we are working on developing assays for dengue and Zika. I will be glad to share our work once it's accepted for publication.


Theam Soon

Sophia Georghiou Moderator Emeritus Replied at 10:14 AM, 24 Feb 2017

Thank you, Madhu, for sharing the initial review. I have attached a link to a recent paper reporting the results of a small field trial of a point-of-care diagnostic ('ZIKV RT-RPA assay') for Zika infection in urine samples. The RT-RPA-based assay had good sensitivity (92%) high specificity (100%) for the virus in this preliminary study of 34 field samples. The findings suggest that this assay might be useful to at least rule-out infection in key populations. It would be interesting to see if these findings hold in a larger clinical study and at different timepoints, though these initial results look promising. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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Madhukar Pai Moderator Replied at 2:40 PM, 11 Apr 2017

Here is a new open access article on testing for Zika virus infection in pregnancy.

URL: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0002937817301278

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