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By Madhukar Pai Moderator | 06 Jun, 2018

GDF is the largest global provider of quality-assured tuberculosis (TB) medicines, diagnostics, and laboratory supplies to the public sector. Since 2001, GDF has facilitated access to high-quality TB care in over 130 countries, providing treatments to over 30 million patients and procuring and delivering more than $200 million worth of
diagnostic equipment.

As a unit of the Stop TB Partnership, GDF provides a full range of quality-assured products to meet the needs of any laboratory globally. GDF provides more than 500 diagnostics products, including the latest WHO-approved tuberculosis diagnostic devices and reagents, together with the consumables and ancillary devices required to ensure a safe working environment. These products cater to all levels of laboratories, ranging from peripheral health centers to centralized reference laboratories, and provide countries with the latest WHO-recommended technologies for detecting TB and drug resistance.




Wayne van Gemert Replied at 12:48 PM, 6 Jun 2018

Thanks for sharing, Madhu.

In addition to the catalog, we at Stop TB's GDF have also recently redesigned and enhanced our TB Diagnostics Ordering List (see link below) to facilitate the ordering process and budgeting. This Excel spreadsheet has product-specific recommendations to guide the user in the selection of items during the ordering process, and technical specifications have been aligned and updated, including product packaging and transport types, manufacturer product codes, quality assurance registrations, and other product information fields. Also, when the user enters the desired quantities into the ordering list, a linked summary sheet allows for automated calculation of costs overall and by supplier, as well as total volumes of goods for planning of transport.

We would be happy to receive feedback from countries on the current content of our catalog, including what items could be added to meet country needs (see my contact information below). We aim to keep the catalog updated with the latest WHO-recommended diagnostics, e.g. the Determine TB LAM Ag test (see link to our GDF Technical Information Note), Xpert MTB/RIF Ultra, and MTBDRsl second-line LPA, as well as all of the required ancillary equipment and consumables to run the full range of offered tests in a safe working environment.

Wayne van Gemert
Technical Officer, TB Diagnostics Market Strategies • GDF
E-mail :
Stop TB Partnership, hosted by UNOPS
Global Health Campus - Chemin du Pommier 40, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex
Geneva, Switzerland

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Kathleen England Replied at 3:03 AM, 7 Jun 2018

Dear Wayne,

Thank you for providing the updated Catalog and additional information. However, I have 2 questions for you:

1) I see that 2nd line drugs are available for phenotypic DST that are not recommended by WHO in their newest technical guidance document provided in 2017 (attached, p.2: footnote 7 and 10). As we know these drugs (PAS and Cycloserine) are unreliable. Should these be available?

2) I do not see any tests for LTBI (TST or IGRA)? The new WHO LTBI updates (attached, p.21) includes IGRA for all settings now. Will these be added and when?

TB Diagnostics Advisor
MSF- Access Campaign

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Wayne van Gemert Replied at 8:53 AM, 7 Jun 2018

Hi Kathleen,
Thanks for the feedback. Indeed we're in the process of adding the two newly WHO recommended IGRAs to our catalog, and hope to have them both available in the coming months. For tuberculin, the UNICEF Vaccine Centre Supply Division is able to supply it and we can make the needed connections for interested buyers. Thanks for pointing out the discrepancy between the available pure drug substances and the recent guidelines, which we will rectify.

Marguerite Massinga Loembe Replied at 5:05 PM, 13 Jun 2018

Dear Madhu and Dear Wayne

Thanks a lot for sharing these documents and spreadsheets, they are extremely helpful for lab reinforcement activities.

Dear Wayne,

Regarding biosafety equipment and specifically PSM, I see there is an offer for initial installation and certification, but none for annual validation and re-certification. Would the GDF consider including this service in the catalog considering that in some geographical areas technical providers with appropriate (calibrated) equipement are sarce and difficult to access ? Incinerators for biomedical waste management at all levels of the health care pyramid (ie. compact size for smaller level labs) are also items that would interesting to introduce in the catalog if at all possible.

Best regards