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Industry Perspectives on the WHO Essential Diagnostics List

By Madhukar Pai Moderator | 05 Dec, 2018

Please see this attached paper in JCM, based on a survey of diagnostic company representatives on whether they are aware of the WHO EDL and what they think about its potential benefits and concerns: by and large, industry colleagues seem to welcome the EDL and see benefits; they would like the list to be updated regularly and are concerned about price controls.





Alaine Umubyeyi Nyaruhirira Replied at 5:08 AM, 6 Dec 2018

Well receives. Very interesting feedback. I think at this stage we all have
to convince and assist countries to translate this document for
implementation at each country level according to local context and
regulation even at regional level with some standardization process to
allow easy access of Diagnostic tools, tests, and procurement when it come
to uses domestic funds ..

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Vivek Chandra Replied at 5:59 AM, 6 Dec 2018

The individual countries have their own preferences and biases towards the EDL. Many tests which have undergone WHO Pre-qualification and are have been included in EDL are not finding a position in National EDL because of differences in opinion from key stakeholders. Example is Eiken TB LAMP which still has some reservations from India though it has been been approved by WHO. The other concern is also about the FIND negotiated price for TB LAMP which is very high for it to be included in a National program for peripheral labs. The WHO Steering Committee must address these issues otherwise such a useful test will not even reach to the population for which WHO, FIND and Eiken have invested 12 years of time and numerous dollars.



SUMIT MITRA Replied at 6:07 AM, 6 Dec 2018

Quite right Vivek,

The same story applies to MOLBIO - Truelab.

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