New Tests Hope To Diagnose Bacterial Infections More Quickly

By Madhukar Pai Moderator | 13 Sep, 2017

Interesting article by Dr Judy Stone in Forbes:





Mikashmi Kohli Replied at 9:48 AM, 13 Sep 2017

Thank you for sharing this interesting article. Diagnostics is the foundation for management of any disease and especially in case infectious diseases. Being from a high-TB burden country, and with no rapid diagnostics a few years back, many patients were started on empiric treatment. There is a paradigm shift in the approach towards the disease management after the introduction of Xpert MTB/RIF. It was truly a game changer and an eye-opener for many which helped us realise that it is not only the treatment of a disease which needs all the attention. The notification rates in India increased tremendously after the introduction of this molecular technique.
This is just the start, and with the article describing wonderfully how the new PET scan will be able to help patients with severe disease, it is a huge hope in the field of diagnostics.
However, there is something I would like to add, there are some research teams working on finding biomarkers using a more functional approach (i.e. proteomics and metabolomics) which will be able to diagnose and differentiate between diseases like NTM and TB.