Point of care HCV detection Kits

By Amit Asthana | 09 May, 2018

Hello All,

I am looking for some document/s with consolidated information about POC device/s for HCV detection and genotyping with emphasis to India but not limited to India. Does anyone have any such information?

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Steven Badman Replied at 3:50 AM, 9 May 2018

Hi Amit
Do a Pubmed search for the author "Grebely J".
This will provide recent HCV results generated at the POC care in Australia via two or three different studies.
You may have to scroll through pages to find relevant publications.

Alaine Umubyeyi Nyaruhirira Replied at 6:30 AM, 9 May 2018

Dear Amit

Additional to Steve comments. Please find attach some material for references. Additional the WHO list of pre qualified product lists where you may find some information on HCV.

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Attached resources:

Amit Asthana Replied at 8:32 AM, 9 May 2018

Dear Steven and Alaine,

Thank you very much for your reply. I will go through the papers/documents suggested by both of you.

Thanks a ton again

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Steven Badman Replied at 9:28 AM, 9 May 2018

Hi again Amit
Are you looking into the the need for a rapid HCV POC test or a molecular HPV POC test, or both.
A bit more detail may help and allow others to comment regarding their own experience with regard to either.

Emmanuel Fajardo Replied at 9:42 AM, 9 May 2018

Dear Amit,

For India specifically, in principle, the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) should have a list of approved HCV tests (both point-of-care and laboratory-based), have you checked? I think their list is not updated but I think it's worthwhile contacting them and inquire. http://www.cdsco.nic.in/forms/Default.aspx

I think FIND was also trying to do a mapping on HCV diagnostics in India, mainly on rapid diagnostic tests, so worth checking with them as well.

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