Poor quality of TB diagnosis is a major problem that needs to be addressed

By Danielle Cazabon | 06 Mar, 2017

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This recently published review discusses the poor quality of TB care and the urgent need for improvement in this area.

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Mark Fisher Replied at 3:22 PM, 6 Mar 2017

Thanks for the interesting and important article. The part I find most interesting is Figure 3 that looks at the cascade of care in India. These models help to better understand where the losses are, but what can we do to minimize those losses? When I look at this, I ask myself "what can we do to eliminate a step?", "what are the current barriers?" and "what are five interventions that may help?". One of the problems I see with coming to a good solution is that the problems are so multi-disciplinary and thus demand a multi-disciplinary solution.
As an example, the biggest loss is getting TB suspect people to the clinic according to the chart. Here are a few possibilities: need to work, can't easily get to clinic, distrust of clinics/modern medicine, lack of available testing locally, and simply too sick to travel. I'm sure I am missing another dozen. The solutions to this very first issue likely include elements anthropology/sociology, public health (inc. cost effectiveness), logistics, engineering, science and communications.
I think that the best first step in addressing the gaps is to first have an in-depth understanding of the user needs/barriers to a better TB diagnosis and treatment approach. With this information, a more informed systemic approach could be devised to identify and effectively treat people with TB.