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WHO launches new website on: Laboratory and in vitro diagnostics.

By Madhukar Pai Moderator | 23 Nov, 2018

Hi All,

WHO has just launched a dedicated web page that harmonizes all IVDs information available on the WHO website. This is a complement to the WHO Essential Diagnostics List.

The EDL secretariat went through an inclusive approach, working together with WHO departments and disease areas to collect, in one single repository, all information available at WHO addressing important aspects of IVDs including among others:
a. Policies and strategic plans
b. Laboratory management
c. Human resources
d. Quality management
e. Regulation and market approval
f. Procurement and supply
g. Model list of essential IVDs 
h. Innovation

The direct link is: http://www.who.int/in-vitro-diagnostic/en/



Jean-baptiste Ronat Replied at 9:51 AM, 23 Nov 2018

Thanks Madhukar

Really great news. Appreciate to have all IVDs related document in one page


Mohammed suaudi Hassen Replied at 9:52 AM, 23 Nov 2018

Thanks for sharing.

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