Fwd: [GFAN] Fwd: TBEC is hiring!

by Erica Lessem

ICYM. Please note I have no further information on these opportunities; if you have questions please contact TBEC directly ---------- Forwarded message --------- From: Anete Cook <anete.cook@results.org.uk> Date: Fri, Nov 2, 2018 at 7:21 AM Subject: [GFAN] Fwd: TBEC is hiring! To: <csf-coordination-team@googlegroups.com>, <action-tb@googlegroups.com>, <globalfundadvocatesnetwork@googlegroups.com>, eecaplatform < eecaplatform@harmreductioneurasia.org>, MSFCH-TBAdvocacy-EECA < ... read more

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You can't treat what you don't know: stories of tuberculosis diagnosis

by Madhukar Pai

Please watch this wonderful short film on importance of early and accurate TB diagnosis & DST, by Rhea Lobo, an award winning film-maker from India. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_8OdZXx9Fw&feature=youtu.be best Madhu read more

Updated: 31 Oct, 2018
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Checklist of essential TB services

by Erica Lessem

http://www.treatmentactiongroup.org/content/national-tb-checklist TB Checklist [image: tb_checklist_266x288.png] <http://www.treatmentactiongroup.org/sites/default/files/tb_checklistv3.pdf> Access to quality diagnosis, treatment, and prevention for tuberculosis (TB) is a human right. Are the necessary tests, treatments, vaccines, services and policies available where you live or work? This new checklist from Treatment Action Group (TAG) lays out simply the core elements of ... read more

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AideSmart! app for multiplex, point-of-care screening strategy for HIV and related coinfections in pregnant women

Stacie Stender replied

Thanks for sharing. Although tertiary outcome, it is disturbing that all HIV and syphilis POC results were false positives. "Lab confirmations revealed that all HIV POCT positives were negative (by Western Blot/ELISA) as well as the syphilis (confirmed by TPHA) and the HIV/HCV coinfection." The authors do not address this ... read more

Updated: 17 Oct, 2018
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Digital adherence technologies for the management of tuberculosis therapy: landscape and research priorities

by Madhukar Pai

Please see this new paper in BMJ Global Health on digital adherence tools for TB. URL: https://gh.bmj.com/content/3/5/e001018#DC1 PDF attached. read more

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Updated: 10 Oct, 2018
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Open Call for Webinars on Global Health Solutions

by Margaret Lamiell Aliber

Hello Global Health Diagnostics community, I am excited to let you know that LeaderNet.org is hosting an open call for webinars on global health solutions. This call will highlight innovations in global health, and selected webinars will be featured on LeaderNet's webinars page. Submit a recording of your webinar by ... read more

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Diagnostic tools for poverty-related diseases

by Madhukar Pai

European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) has a Call for Proposals “Diagnostic tools for poverty-related diseases”. For a detailed description of the scope of this call, please check: http://www.edctp.org/call/diagnostic-tools-for-poverty-related-diseases/ read more

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Under-testing for TB in the Indian private health sector

Sandeep Saluja replied

One major factor in this context is that tuberculosis knows no socioeconomic boundaries in endemic areas.Doctors and patients,however sometimes feel it can only affect the poor and therefore even when the diagnosis is eventually made,there is disbelief! read more

Updated: 01 Oct, 2018
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A novel sensitive immunoassay targeting the MTX-Lipoarabinomannan epitope

by Tobias Broger

Please see the attached research paper, where we try to understand: -whether there is a path to improve the accuracy of Lipoarabinomannan-based TB detection > Answer yes! -LAM levels in the urine of HIV-positive and HIV-negative TB patients > Answer: Here we used 11 pg/ml = 650 femtomolar as a ... read more

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