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GeneXpert is now available free of cost for pediatric TB patients in Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata

By Erica Lessem | 20 Nov, 2015

Dear all,
Please see the exciting news that GeneXpert, a test that can rapidly
diagnose TB and resistance to rifampicin, is now available free of
cost in Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata.



Irfan Malik Replied at 1:57 PM, 20 Nov 2015

It's available free of cost at lahore Karachi Quetta Peshawar too in Pakistan

Kobto Koura Replied at 9:37 AM, 23 Nov 2015

Thanks to Erica and Irfan for sharing this information.
I suppose that actual expenses are supported by Global Fund.
Am I wrong or do you have another funder ?

Manish Dwivedi Replied at 11:09 AM, 23 Nov 2015

Thanks Erica and Irfan.
Could you please provide details of it
Like who is funding it and what's the procedure to avail it.
I work in a rural setting and see a lot of TB patients .

Erica Lessem Replied at 12:22 PM, 23 Nov 2015

Hi all,
As mentioned in the flyers attached to the original post, the project is
funded by support from USAID and the US CDC. The project is implemented in
partnership with the Indian RNTCP, FIND, and NIRT.

The flyer contains a referral form and instructions-- it is not clear to me
that someone outside of these cities could refer patients to them but
perhaps Dr. Pai can weigh in and share any other information on how doctors
can take advantage of the program.



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Erica Lessem Replied at 10:47 AM, 24 Nov 2015

Dear all,
Apologies-- it was brought to my attention that the original attachments did not go through. I am trying again here.

I also have a bit more information about the program and how to get in touch with sites.

These are public sector facilities and the testing is free for kids “suspected of TB” in the 0-14 years age group. Someone needs to show up at the facility with a sample and a fully filled form (which is given in the flyer attached), and they get test free, irrespective of place of residence. However, for logistical reasons the project generally does not encourage referrals from outside the project areas i.e. the 4 cities – challenging to follow-up with such cases and link them with care; not cost effective from them, etc. However, there has been no refusal on this ground.

NDTBC Delhi:

New Delhi Tuberculosis Centre,
Jawaharlal Nehru Marg,
Delhi Gate,
New Delhi – 110002
Contact No: +91-9899249176; +91-7859907266

IRL Hyderabad:

State TB Demonstration & Training Centre
Irramnuma, Beside Govt. General & Chest Hospital,
S.R Nagar, Hyderabad-500038
Contact No: 91-9985066444; +91-9160729988; +91-8886004786; +91-966632089

IRL Kolkata:

Intermediate Reference Laboratory, Kolkata
2nd Floor of Dr. B.C. Roy Post Graduate Institute for Paediatric Science,
38, Badan Roy Lane, Kolkata-700010
(Behind Beleghata ID Hospital Emergency Gate)
Contact No: Lab Coordinator, Mob : +91-9831282429

NIRT Chennai:

National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis,
(formerly Tuberculosis Research Center)
No.1, Sathyamoorthy Road, Chetput,
Chennai-600 031
Contact No: +91-9884408955

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Dylan Tierney Moderator Emeritus Replied at 10:36 AM, 25 Nov 2015

Impressive! The preliminary reports show that free access to Xpert testing doubled the TB detection rate in Indian children and identified a lot of MDR-TB. That’s a big deal when we’re talking about little people that are among the most vulnerable and difficult to diagnose of all our patients.

I think, most importantly though, this project is another reminder that we can make major impacts on the TB epidemic if we muster the political will to do so. We have the tools to stop TB. We must want to apply them. We must demand it.

It would be interesting to know how this project is being received by the Indian government and whether it can be sustained and expanded without external supports.

Abha Aggarwal Replied at 11:10 AM, 25 Nov 2015

If the detection rates are so high, then they should try to expand this test to other regions in India and net to make it available nationwide.

Asad Jumail Replied at 7:40 AM, 3 Mar 2016

please MR Irfain Guide me where can I get a free genxpert test in lahore because i couldnt find it.....
I am very tensed and waiting for your reply... Thankyou

Indrajit Kumar Replied at 10:02 AM, 3 Mar 2016

Dear sir
Its free for TB suspect in evry Medical college and 25 distt hospital in
Bihar .

Dr Shanta Ghatak Replied at 8:00 AM, 6 Mar 2016

Great Achievement
Great Team at work
Great Challenge still somewhat remains : focus on monitoring and
supervision , follow up and action taken reports.

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