Important paper on Ethics + Migration

By Erica Lessem | 25 Sep, 2017

Dear all,

I wanted to share this paper
2017/00000021/00000010/art00005 ; and attached) on human rights and ethics
concerns related to TB and migration recently published in IJTLD. This is
the latest paper in an IJTLD state of the art series on TB migration. The
paper examines ethics and human rights challenges that arise along the
route of migration for a person moving from Sub-Saharan Africa to Europe;
the journey depicted is loosely based on the migrant stories reported in
Patrick Kingsley's book *The New Odyssey

The paper points out that with more people in migration today than at any
other time in human history, migrant health is not a niche issue but of
critical public health importance. It's therefore essential that
governments address the complex challenges posed by TB and migration with
policies grounded in evidence, ethics, and human rights. One of the paper's
key recommendations is the "*firewall argument*," which "c*alls for a
separation of immigration law and health care for migrants based on the
importance of health, irrespective of the legal residence status of the

We know too well how political decisions and other events in too many
countries have undermined ethical, rights-based responses to migrant
health. Acknowledging this, the paper closes by challenging the TB
community "t*o stay with the task of upholding ethics and affirming rights.
Incremental victories protecting the health and rights of migrants with TB
may occur first in individual programs or for individual cases before
building into bigger policies. Aligned with others, TB programs can become
spaces where alternatives to stigmatizing, de-humanizing, and
rights-denying approaches to migrant health are tried and shown to

This paper is open access, so feel free to share widely