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Inclusion of TB diagnostics on the WHO Essential Diagnostics List

By Madhukar Pai | 12 Jul, 2018

Please see this important editorial by Chris Gilpin and Karin Weyer.





Joven Jebio Ongole Replied at 1:56 AM, 13 Jul 2018

Link of planned research activities by BRICS countries


Ibtihal omer Replied at 2:05 AM, 13 Jul 2018

Thank you very much

Edy Nacarapa Replied at 3:06 AM, 13 Jul 2018


Stephen Muleshe Replied at 4:59 AM, 13 Jul 2018

Well received and thanks


Dr. Stephen K. Muleshe
Head, TB Care & Treatment
National TB, Leprosy and Lung Disease Program
Department of Preventive and Promotive Health
Ministry of Health | Afya Annex | KNH grounds
P.O. Box 20781-00202, Nairobi
Website: www.nltp.co.ke | Facebook: NTLDKenya | Twitter: @NTLDKenya

Llang Bridget Maama Replied at 6:58 AM, 13 Jul 2018

Many thanks

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