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Practical guidance for pediatric MDR-TB management

By Sophie Beauvais | 30 Nov, 2012

Management of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Children: A Field Guide. Boston, USA: The Sentinel Project for Pediatric Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis; November 2012. PDF available for download hear. If you would like to receive a printed version, please send an email with request to and include your name and mailing address.

Seddon JA, Furin JJ, Gale M, Del Castillo Barrientos H, Hurtado RM, Amanullah F, Ford N, Starke JR, Schaaf HS. Caring for children with drug-resistant tuberculosis: Practice-based recommendations. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2012; 186(10):953-964. Full text: http://ajrccm.atsjournals.org/content/186/10/953.long

The Sentinel Project on Pediatric Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis is also gathering stories of children with DR-TB from around the world; The goal is to collect at least one story from every country which will be included in a comprehensive report to be released March 2013. More info here: http://sentinel-project.org/stories/contribute-a-story/

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