Reaching Global health Nurses

By Hyesung Nam | 07 Apr, 2014

The purpose of this message is to get in contact with global health nurses and their organizations. I am a nursing student and together with three other members, we are working on a project that will describe the profile of a global health nurse. We would love to have the opportunity to interview a global health nurse (phone, messages, face to face, or any other way) and broaden our knowledge about the work they commit to and their organization. This is very important for us because as future nurses, we want to hear about the experiences and motivations for engaging in a work that benefits a large number of people.

Hye Sung Nam, University of Maryland Nursing Student



Virginia Lipke RN, MHA, ACRN, CIC Replied at 1:54 PM, 7 Apr 2014

I'd be happy to help as my position with CDC has allowed me to consult on healthcare policies, patient and health worker safety issues and continuing education for nurses in a variety of countries.
Best wishes,

Adriana PALOMARES Replied at 7:22 PM, 8 Apr 2014

Dear Hye

I'd pleasant to participate in your investigation. I am a nurse from Colombia. I have worked in 7 countries in different positions within the organization Medecins Sans Frontieres, Doctors Without Borders France. My last position was the Head of Mission in the Republic of Congo. I will be also happy to hear about the results.
Best regards

Adriana Palomares
Nurse, MPH

Hyesung Nam Replied at 9:16 PM, 8 Apr 2014

Dear Virginia and Adriana,

Thank you for replying my post. I greatly appreciate your help in advance. If you can send me an email, I will send you a questionnaire and we can communicate over email. Would this be okay with you? There are 3 more group members working on this project with me. Could they contact you by email regarding interview?

My email address is

Hye Sung Nam

Cory Peticolas Replied at 12:51 PM, 29 Apr 2014

Hye Sun Nam,

I am also a student nurse and am set to graduate in just three weeks. My group and I are very interested to hear about your project findings. We are all pursuing global health nursing. Have you heard about Unite For Sight? Did you attend the Global Health and Innovation Conference this year? Is there any way we can help you in your project?

Cory Peticolas
Metropolitan State University of Denver ANO Student