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By Mostafizur Rahman | 18 Apr, 2011 Last edited by Sophie Beauvais on 29 Dec 2011

Dear sir,
Our culture laboratory is twenty kilometers farĀ  from the hospital.Is this case for follow up the MDR patients we transport the sputum sample from the hospital to the culture laboratory. What are the precautions we should take during transportation of sputum sample from the hospital(Ward) to the culture laboratory?

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Mostafizur Rahman
Regional Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory(RTRL)
Chittagong, Bangladesh.




Ronald Karpick Replied at 11:32 AM, 18 Apr 2011

I think as long as the individual sputum containers were closed with a tight fitting lid and if possible, kept cool with ice or other refrigeration that the specimen should be fine. The sooner the lab obtains the sample, the less overgrowth with other bacteria. Ron Karpick, MD, Fairfax County, VA, USA

Louise King Replied at 1:33 PM, 18 Apr 2011

I have a similar question that comes up in our lab-what is the risk of
infection with TB just by looking at AFB slides-not collecting the samples
from the patient, but just taking the sputum from the collection cup and
preparing and examining the slide?
Thanks, Louise King, MD Rwanda

Christopher Gilpin, PhD, MPH Moderator Replied at 3:00 AM, 19 Apr 2011

WHO advises that smear preparation for AFB microscopy poses a minimal risk for transmission of tuberculosis. AFB microscopy can be performed on the open bench providing there is good natural or mechanical ventilation in place. Good laboratory practices to limit any aerosol production during smear preparation is essential.

Regina Bhebhe Replied at 8:53 AM, 16 May 2011

Dear Friends.
Our laboratory is a national reference laboratory we used to do TB culture and drug sensitivity from places which are 200-400 kilommetres. We used to culture at list 100 specimens a day. The far away hospitals used to transport specimens to us. During this particular time we never had challenges of how to send the samples and we had good results and the outcome of patients who had MDR-TB.