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By Monica Truta | 07 May, 2018

Is there a possibility to find out (from the GeneXpert Dx System software menu) separately how many tests are made on GeneXpert:
# Xpert tests MTB not detected
 # Xpert tests MTB detected RIF not detected
 # Xpert tests MTB detected RIF resistance detected
 # Xpert tests MTB detected RIF indeterminate
 # error results
 # invalid results
 # no result

Thank you very much.



Alaine Umubyeyi Nyaruhirira Replied at 3:45 PM, 7 May 2018

Dear Monica

You can perform your data analysis by copy paste all data or needed data from the GX software file to an excel sheet and then analyses them according to the list you elaborate in your mail. See attach a PPT for reference from slides 38.
The PPT will give you more information on how to do interpretation of results, to save result, to print patient result, back up data, retrieve data and data analysis.

Hope it will help.

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Maopa Lewabeci Raikabula Replied at 8:13 PM, 7 May 2018

Hi Monica,

Go to Report on menu list and you will find all types of reports such as patient, specimen control etc.
The Assay Statistic report should be able to give you the test summary.

Thank you,

Priyesh Bhoora Replied at 3:15 AM, 8 May 2018

Good Day Monica,

To add to Alaine's reference, in particular slides 38-39, there is an option of CSV export in the GeneXpert software that can simplify obtaining data in a format to manipulate using it in Excel,
where you may do pivot tables for the type of data you require.
I've simulated an example of what can be achieved below, in this case for the Xpert MTB/Rif Ultra.

We also have the Cepheid C360 available for which I'm the administrator, which is web-based and if your GeneXpert was connected you could get similar info automatically.
Again, simulated examples:
Please feel free to contact me directly at <mailto:> if you would like more detailed information or assistance.

Priyesh Bhoora
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Monica Truta Replied at 2:40 PM, 9 May 2018

Thank you all again for your help and for your prompt reply.