What constitutes an effective and efficient package of services for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care of tuberculosis among refugees and migrants in the WHO European Region?

By Masoud Dara, MD Moderator | 01 Jun, 2018

Dear colleagues,

The WHO European Region has faced high rates of external and internal migration in recent years, with concerns that this is contributing to the burden of tuberculosis (TB), multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) and TB/HIV coinfection in some countries. This report examines evidence of effective and efficient service packages for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of TB to inform strategies to address the TB burden in refugee and migrant populations. Significant regional variations were identified in both migration levels and TB burden in refugees and migrants, as well as in approaches to TB control, with low quality of evidence in many cases. While it is unlikely that a single strategy/package will be effective for all situations, the evidence highlights some common approaches that could guide policy-making and service development. TB elimination targets for the Region will not be met unless inequalities in access to screening and treatment for migrants are addressed, alongside efforts to tackle TB globally.

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Tamas F Molnar Replied at 3:56 AM, 2 Jun 2018

Hi - that is not only providers - but in many cases migrants are hostile against any sort of medical check ups. Tuberculosis included. It is politically incorrect but sadly true. Please consider.

Tamas F Molnar

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2018. jún. 2. dátummal, 5:48 időpontban Masoud Dara, MD via GHDonline <> írta:

Masoud Dara, MD Moderator Replied at 6:49 AM, 2 Jun 2018

Dear Tamas,

It takes significant efforts to make people including migrants truly understand that it is in their own interest and those living with them to be screened. Language barrier. but also fear of being deported on the basis of their health status are among the reasons of difficulties in getting migrants health status checked.

All the best,

Gaurav Bahuguna Replied at 7:27 AM, 2 Jun 2018


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Tamas F Molnar Replied at 11:52 AM, 2 Jun 2018

Absolutely agree- around 2% of the 2015 wave through Hungary had any sort ofmedical check ups. Hope the 2018 European data are better. It takes money hands/ brains- and above all: wish - on all sides/players. We have a lot if things to do.



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2018. jún. 2. dátummal, 13:39 időpontban Gaurav Bahuguna via GHDonline <> írta:

Bisimwa Nsibula Replied at 3:29 AM, 3 Jun 2018

In my country we have good program with Burundi refugees at lusenda camp with also hiv care for plvih
We organize prevention ,diagnosis,treatment,care an Soutain package
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Tamas F Molnar Replied at 1:14 AM, 4 Jun 2018

Dear Masoud and all participants

I hope, the paper just published&attached might contribute to
better understanding of our common enemy: TB - with a hopeful bonus of
out-of-box thinking.

Commited to the cause


Tamas F Molnar

PS Masoud, I would be extremely honoured if you could comment
on the paper - as it was you, who triggered the writing of it...