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Words of appreciation/ closing the Ebola Response community on GHDonline

Isabelle Celentano replied

Hi all, I thought it might be helpful for us to share some resources before archiving the community. Our colleagues at HGHI ran an EdX course, “Lessons from Ebola: Preventing the Next Pandemic”. You can enroll in the virtual course to view the material and discussions, and to stay informed ... read more

Updated: 11 Mar, 2016
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Seed Global Health, Director of Evaluation and Impact Analysis

by Elizabeth Glaser

I am posting this to several groups at GHDonline. I apologize for those on more than one group that will get duplicates. The Global Health Service Partnership is a public-private collaboration between Seed Global Health, the Peace Corps, and the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). Established in ... read more

Updated: 07 Jan, 2016
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Possible explanation emerges for cause of Ebola flare-up in Liberia

by Elizabeth Glaser

According to the Reuters story , shared at the link, researchers are considering the possibility that the mother in the stricken family, herself a survivor of Ebola, may have inadvertently transmitted the disease. The mother had been infected and recovered well over a year ago, however it is thought that ... read more

Updated: 17 Dec, 2015
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Nursing and the Harvard-LSHTM Independent Panel on the Global Response to Ebola

Elizabeth Glaser replied

Judy, I am no angel. This initiative has gotten momentum because everyone has responded in kind, It is a group effort and you are part of what has made it work. Elizabeth read more

Updated: 11 Dec, 2015
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HarvardX Course - Lessons from Ebola: Preventing the Next Pandemic

Elizabeth Glaser replied

They are getting no help for PTSD.? I do know a nurse doing mental health work in Liberia, I will get in touch with her to see what services may be available. Elizabeth read more

Updated: 10 Dec, 2015
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Ebola flare up in Liberia, 3 family members with confirmed cases

syson Atuhaire replied

Hello,Good Afternoon Elizabeth.could you please inbox me your personal email address.i with to communicate with you something more personal thanks alot.i await for your positive response read more

Updated: 03 Dec, 2015
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Creatistics Inc: Analytic Consultation

by nohemie mawaka

My name is Nohémie Mawaka, I am a final year Masters of Public Health student in the Global Health concentration at the University of Simon Fraser in Vancouver, Canada. With the executive collaboration of various colleagues in Canada, Congo (DRC) and South Africa, I am launching Creatistics Inc. A Global ... read more

Updated: 24 Nov, 2015
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FIND is recruiting: Senior Scientific Officer - Clinical Trial Coordinator

temitope odunleye replied

Hi Claudia, Thank you for this information. I will like to know where this job location is, although I know the organization is based in Geneva. Thank you. read more

Updated: 23 Nov, 2015
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Bleach, Ebola, and Identity

by Elizabeth Glaser

As I entered the bathroom this morning, I noticed a decent size pool of water on the floor. Bending down to wipe it up, strong fumes met me. My daughter must have spilled it when cleaning her clothes; it was not water , but instead a pool of bleach. Suddenly ... read more

Updated: 19 Nov, 2015
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IV Therapy for Ebola

Elizabeth Glaser replied

I recently learned about the FEAST trial, “Fluid Expansion As Supportive Therapy” which investigated the effects of fluid boluses in the resuscitation of febrile children with evidence of poor perfusion in low resources setting in Africa. Vasopressor agents were not used. What are the implications of the FEAST trial for ... read more

Updated: 19 Nov, 2015
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