Health care professionals exchange ideas and approaches for improving HIV prevention strategies, scaling up access to ARVs and increasing patient adherence and retention to treatment plans. Members discuss the plethora of related issues, describe their first-hand experience, and exchange resources and lessons learned.

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Ischemic stroke in HIV infection patients.

Andrew Mujugira replied

A JAMA editorial published last year discussed the safety of condomless sex with virologically suppressed HIV-infected individuals. It recommended that "clinicians and public health professionals need to formulate a message to share with HIV-infected individuals and their sexual partners. Certainly health care professionals should encourage all HIV-infected individuals to initiate ... read more

Updated: 29 Mar, 2017
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What examples can you share - Peer to Peer Support Groups

Inge Corless replied

While I don't have an example per se, you have raised an important topic of why we need a team approach. The physician has been educated about the social situation of the patient but due to time constraints needs to focus primarily on the medical condition. Nurses (and I am ... read more

Updated: 28 Mar, 2017
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The earlier you start ART the better the virologic control in HIV-infected infants.

Anup Chalise replied

Thank you for the article. Let us hope that it can be put into practice all around the globe as soon. Putting it into practice will be a challenge in the parts of the world where evidence-based medicine has not, yet, taken a strong foot-hold. read more

Updated: 23 Mar, 2017
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Lack of HIV Testing for Children in West and Central Africa Means Many Will Die - Experts

by Junior Bazile

I was reading this heartbreaking article this morning and realized how long is still the road ahead of us when it come to controlling and eliminating HIV/AIDS. In Central and West Africa, thousand of children still do not have access to treatment despite all the efforts that have been made ... read more


read more

Updated: 23 Mar, 2017
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