Health care professionals exchange ideas and approaches for improving HIV prevention strategies, scaling up access to ARVs and increasing patient adherence and retention to treatment plans. Members discuss the plethora of related issues, describe their first-hand experience, and exchange resources and lessons learned.

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New Supplement Published on integration of HIV and NCD Care; Launch at AIDS 2018 Amsterdam - July 23

by Linda Kupfer

We have just published a supplement to AIDS: Research to guide practice: Enhancing HIV/AIDS platform to address non-communicable diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa. Here is the website to access the free publication: We are holding a launch of the supplement at the upcoming AIDS 2018 meeting in Amsterdam. All of ... read more

Updated: 16 Jul, 2018
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Reaching the First 90: A Webinar on Index Case Testing for HIV

pascal verhoeven replied

for a low prevalence HIV setting the guidelines push for more positive predictive value using a 3 test algorithn, whereas the first 90 is not addressed (negative predictive value); so here (attached) i suggested either - using a 4th gen test for screening able to detect acute infections among active ... read more

Updated: 13 Jun, 2018
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Dolutegravir in low/middle-income countries

by Jienchi Dorward

Dear all The roll out of dolutegravir based-ART in low/middle-income countries is well under way. However, there are several uncertainties about how to best implement this new regimen. In the article linked below, we explore these questions and the research needed to answer them. It would be great to ... read more

Updated: 06 Jun, 2018
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HIV test algorithm, low prevalence 2015 guideline

by pascal verhoeven

Dear all, In compliance with 2015 WHO guidelines a national HIV test algorithm follows a series of 3 distinct tests to maximize the positive predictive value of diagnosis (minimizing false positives). In updating our national test algorithm, because it is low prevalence, but at the same time a concentrated epidemic ... read more

Updated: 02 Jun, 2018
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