Dolutegravir in low/middle-income countries

By Jienchi Dorward | 06 Jun, 2018

Dear all

The roll out of dolutegravir based-ART in low/middle-income countries is well under way. However, there are several uncertainties about how to best implement this new regimen. In the article linked below, we explore these questions and the research needed to answer them.

It would be great to hear your thoughts and experiences regarding dolutegravir use in your setting. Should dolutegravir be used in first and second line? What are the implications of recent concerns regarding neutral tube defects for use of dolutegravir in women of child bearing age? Should people on current efavirenz-based regimens be switched to dolutegravir? And what about in settings where VL testing is not available?

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Dr Jienchi Dorward
Research Clinician
Centre for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa (CAPRISA)

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