Fellowship opportunity in Global Health Diagnostics

By Madhukar Pai | 06 Sep, 2017

Hi All,

Please see this opportunity in our team at McGill: https://www.paitbgroup.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/2017-09-05-Postdoc-Ad-G...

Also attached as PDF.

Please share with folks with a background in diagnostics.




Innocent ALI Replied at 11:31 AM, 6 Sep 2017

Very exciting opportunity out there Prof.

Erica Lovelace Replied at 6:54 PM, 7 Sep 2017

Great to hear from you!  Thanks for sending this along.  Unfortunately, it's for recent graduates, so I'm ineligible.  That being said, I VERY much appreciate you thinking of me by sending it along.
How are you?  Are you still in Cameroon?  
Hope all is well.

Prasil Pradhan Replied at 2:25 AM, 8 Sep 2017

Is there any phd opportunity too??