HIV positive patients and organ donation

By Junior Bazile Moderator | 10 Feb, 2017

There have been some conversations about the increased need for organ transplantation. An idea that has been around for a long time is to take high-risk organs and give them to high-risk people. Recently, Johns Hopkins University took an HIV-positive donor—someone who would never even be considered as a possible organ donor—and transplanted his liver and a kidney into two individuals who were also HIV positive. A high-risk donor's tissue went to a recipient for whom the risk might be less.

I find this very interesting. What do you guys think about this.
For more information on the topic please access the video and text at this link:





Dirk von Delft Replied at 11:11 AM, 10 Feb 2017

Dr Elmi Muller of the University of Cape Town, South Africa has run a
successful HiV positive donor to HiV positive recipient program for some
years now. You can see her publications via a quick medline or pubmed