Reaching Global health Nurses

By Hyesung Nam | 07 Apr, 2014

The purpose of this message is to get in contact with global health nurses and their organizations. I am a nursing student and together with three other members, we are working on a project that will describe the profile of a global health nurse. We would love to have the opportunity to interview a global health nurse (phone, messages, face to face, or any other way) and broaden our knowledge about the work they commit to and their organization. This is very important for us because as future nurses, we want to hear about the experiences and motivations for engaging in a work that benefits a large number of people.

Hye Sung Nam, University of Maryland Nursing Student



Chinomnso Obi peter Replied at 2:26 PM, 7 Apr 2014

Hi good to read from you. My name is Chinomnso a global health Nurse from Nigeria. I have an organization that promotes maternal and new born health , reproductive health in Nigeria.
I have here some links about Traffina Foundation For community health where I work as the founder and other links from projects that i have also done. please feel free to email me if need be on how i can support you in any of your project.

Her are the links:

Hyesung Nam Replied at 12:17 AM, 8 Apr 2014

Dear Chinomnso,

Wow! Thank you for your reply and very informative links. I would like to contact you via email after reviewing those web site. Could I have your email address?

Hye Sung Nam

Winnie Nhlengethwa Replied at 2:26 PM, 8 Apr 2014

Thank you Chinomnso for the links. This links are a very rich resource for our academicians. I getting valuable feedback.

Lea Huaman Replied at 5:06 PM, 9 Apr 2014

Dear Chinomnso,

This is Lea Huaman. I am working with Hyesung on this assignment. You can reach either of us at
or . Or would you provide us with a contact information so that we can personally reach you?