Reaching the First 90: A Webinar on Index Case Testing for HIV

By Margaret Lamiell Aliber | 13 Jun, 2018

As we work towards the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets, what methods can best help us reach 90 percent of all people living with HIV? How must traditional approaches to testing and outreach adapt to reach all sectors of society?

One strategy to reach the first 90 is index case testing, or when a person with confirmed HIV infection is asked to invite family members and sexual partners to be tested for HIV. Under PEPFAR funding, index case testing has become an important part of MSH's projects in a number of countries.

Join us June 20 for a webinar highlighting case studies from Angola, Ethiopia, and Malawi. Register at the link provided.


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pascal verhoeven Replied at 9:13 AM, 13 Jun 2018

for a low prevalence HIV setting the guidelines push for more positive predictive value using a 3 test algorithn, whereas the first 90 is not addressed (negative predictive value);
so here (attached) i suggested either
- using a 4th gen test for screening able to detect acute infections among active KP (Determine combo)
- offering a direct repeat test in case T1 screening is non reactive for KP at ongoing risk of infection and spreading HIV, probably the most undermining factor for the 1st '90'

posted this on this site some 2 weeks ago

ill try to attend the webinar but in Timor at that time,


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