Add Qualitative Methods to your HIV research at the McGill Summer Institute!

by Stephanie Laroche-Pierre

Hello everyone, There is growing interest in the HIV world to integrate qualitative methods into traditional operational and biomedical research to better understand how and why some interventions and technologies are more successfully implemented than other. Stay ahead of this new current and enroll in the McGill Summer Institute in ... read more

Updated: 08 Feb, 2018
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Only 6 days left to apply for the Master of Science in Global Health Delivery

by Marcella Canelo

Applications are open for UGHE’s Master of Science in Global Health Delivery Class of 2019! The University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) is a new university based in Rwanda that is focused on building the next generation of global health professionals into leaders and changemakers through the Master of Science ... read more

Updated: 06 Feb, 2018
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Applications are open for UGHE’s Master of Science in Global Health Delivery

dr.hanifa mbithe replied

Very interesting and definitely recommendable masters programme,I do look forward to apply read more

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Updated: 04 Feb, 2018
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La mayoría de personas desconocen la forma de transmisión del virus de VIH, es de gran importancia impulsar campañas para informar a la comunidad sobre las formas de transmisión. Se debe realizar educación comenzando desde el colegio. read more

Updated: 10 Jan, 2018
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❤wow! springtime break

by David Zinyengere

Dear friend! We are organizing a trip to the mountains through the spring break, can you please have a look at our set of equipment? Here it is http://www.k-tel.ru/uugx.php?UE9oaXZAZ2hkb25saW5lLm9yZw-- Thanks for your consideration, Gerald Wagoner read more

Updated: 06 Dec, 2017
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Upcoming webinar + virtual seminar: Leveraging infectious disease programs to address NCDS – December 14

by Margaret Lamiell Aliber

Hi all, On December 14, MSH is hosting a webinar followed by a virtual seminar discussing how we can leverage infectious disease programs to address the rise in NCDs globally. The webinar will include three case studies, including a presentation on integrating HIV and mental health services in Nigeria. The ... read more

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AIDSFree has seen success reducing HIV and TB risk in Tanzania's prison populations with this guide

by Skyland Woll

https://aidsfree.usaid.gov/resources/pocket-guide-peer-education-program-reduce-tb-and-hiv-risks-tanzania-prisons?utm_source=ghdonline&utm_medium=forum&utm_campaign=tbpockguidetz The objectives of this program are to encourage behavior change among inmates and prison staff to reduce the risk of HIV and tuberculosis (TB) by educating them about the contributing factors and encouraging use of available health services. This guide provides peer educators with activities and information necessary to ... read more

Updated: 21 Nov, 2017
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Single-pill HIV regimen scores in new patients

by Junior Bazile

There is a single pill combination of darunavir, cobicistat, emtricitabine, and tenofovir alafenamide. The AMBER trial shows that this combination poses fewer risk for renal and bone mineral density toxicity than current backbone therapies. It is considered as the first once-daily single-tablet regimen that includes a boosted PI. For further ... read more

Updated: 09 Nov, 2017
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AIDSFree just released their November HIV Prevention Update

by Skyland Woll

https://aidsfree.usaid.gov/resources/prevention-update/editions/November-2017?utm_source=ghdonline&utm_medium=forum&utm_campaign=nov17prevup The AIDSFree Prevention Update provides a sample of summaries and abstracts of recent articles on global HIV prevention issues from a variety of scientific, peer-reviewed journals. It also includes state-of-the-art program resources, such as tools, curricula, program reports, and unpublished research findings. read more

Updated: 08 Nov, 2017
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