To improve and disseminate best practices for TB infection control, members draw on a diversity of backgrounds, including engineering, architecture, administration and medicine. Experts answer questions and practitioners share strategies for effective TB infection control.

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Summer Course on Building Design and Airborne Infection Control

Barbara Foot replied

Please reply separately t0 with any questions related to the Building Design and Airborne Infection Control course. Thank you - read more

Updated: 24 Apr, 2017
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New Ways to Approach Building Design and Airborne Infection Control

Roman Rodyna replied

Dear Colleagues! My name is Roman Rodyna, I am from Ukraine, my current position is deputy director of national public health center in regional development. I do have interest to be attended Building design and engeneering approaches to airborn infection control due to my job responsibilities in field of control ... read more

Updated: 20 Apr, 2017
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TB infection control in health care settings

Ruth MCNERNEY replied

Raymond Byaruhanga asked if other countries have seen problems with health workers contracting MDR-TB. This is a major concern in South Africa and an NGO has been established to try and do something about it. TB PROOF was founded in 2012 by South African Health Care Workers and Students after ... read more

Updated: 07 Apr, 2017
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BCG vaccination increase the risk of severe Miliary Tuberculosis?

Edward Nardell, MD replied

Every intervention has some complications, but in high burden settings, the young lives saved from disseminated TB and meningitis are thought to far outweigh the cases and morbidity of TB lymphadenitis. We all agree a better vaccine is needed, but until is the devil we know. Part of the ... read more

Updated: 06 Apr, 2017
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