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Latent TB

Jacqueline Gautier replied

Thank you Ed. Jacqueline From: <> Sent: Friday, August 31, 2018 8:50 AM To: Jacqueline Gautier, MD - NPH Haiti <> Subject: Re: Latent TB Edward Nardell, MD<> replied to a discussion<> in TB Infection Control<>: Thank you Jacqueline for your perspective from Haiti. I have a different opinion ... read more

Updated: 31 Aug, 2018
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WHO Facility Checklist

Hal Levin replied

Totally agree. Regarding window open or not, what about slightly or barely open versus fully open. Checklists may fail to catch that or the size of the window or whether it is double-hung open bottom and top or casement or awning - all important details w.r.t. ventilation. Objective and sufficiently ... read more

Updated: 27 Aug, 2018
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New resource on regional collaboration in TB medicines supply chain

Stephen Muleshe replied

I am glad that this has taken off after many years of back and forth discussions while working at ECSA. Kudos Team Dr. Stephen K. Muleshe Head, TB Care & Treatment National TB, Leprosy and Lung Disease Program Department of Preventive and Promotive Health Ministry of Health | Afya Annex ... read more

Updated: 14 Aug, 2018
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