Facility TB risk assessment tool

By Moses Bateganya | 27 Jan, 2010 Last edited by Sophie Beauvais on 17 Dec 2010

Does anybody have a "Facility TB Risk Assessment tool" adapted for high TB Burden countries or or low resource settings.



Maria Pia Sanchez, FNP, MS, MPH Replied at 12:39 PM, 27 Jan 2010

I have found the assessment tool developed by the Columbia U folks to be very helpful and we have adapted it for use in Afghanistan. It is posted on the GHD site- here is the link http://www.ghdonline.org/ic/resource/tbic-baseline-assessment-tool/
Good luck

Maria Pia Sanchez, FNP, MS, MPH
Principal Technical Advisor
Emerging Infectious Diseases
Management Sciences for Health

Moses Bateganya Replied at 1:11 PM, 27 Jan 2010

Thank you very much for sharing. Would there be an additional tol similar to one in the 1994 MMWR CDC guidelines which classifies facilities into minimal risk (No TB patients in the facility or community), Low risk (Fewer than 3 patients admitted in last year), medium risk (3-6 patients admitted in last year) and ongoing risk (>6). These number apply to low TB incidence. Are there numbers that would be used to classify facilities in high incidence settings?

Marina Shulgina Replied at 2:43 PM, 30 Jan 2010

Dear colleagues!
I think the Columbian assessment tool is very helpful. There is also a good WHO assessment tool issued in 2009 "WHO policy on TB infection control in health-care facilities, congregate settings and households". There is a tool to estimate risk ratio described there.

Best regards,
M. Shulgina

Mareli Claassens Replied at 5:15 AM, 18 Aug 2010

Dear Maria
I am compiling a comparison of all TBIC risk assessment tools currently used. I have included the ICAP-SA tool, but would like to have a look at the one you used in Afghanistan as well. Could you please post it on this forum?
Thank you.
Mareli Claassens

Chilunga Puta Replied at 1:23 AM, 19 Aug 2010

Hi Mareli I am very glad you are doing this compilation especially for those
of us who have a particular interest in infection control and quality of
health care. Are you going to share the compilation product at one point? If
so I really would be interested in getting a copy of the document.

S. Mehtar Replied at 1:38 AM, 19 Aug 2010

Dear Mareli
We have one we use which is part of the larger IPC programme audit. Do you want me to send it through or will it be too much?

Prof Shaheen Mehtar
MBBS, FRC Path (UK), FCPath (Micro) (SA), MD (Lon)
Head of Academic Unit for Infection Prevention and Control
Tygerberg Hospital & Stellenbosch Uni
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Tygerberg 7505, Cape Town
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Rajbir Singh Replied at 8:11 AM, 20 Aug 2010

Dear Shaheen,

We have MDR TB project in then state of Gujarat in India.

It will be useful to have risk assessment and IPC audit tool for our GLRA
projects, after need based modifications.

I request you to forward the same to me at

Best regards,

Dr. Rajbir Singh
German Leprosy & TB Relief Association
New Delhi

Julia Fischer-Mackey Replied at 10:14 AM, 24 Aug 2010

Dear All,
I would urge all of you who have Risk Assessment Tools to add them as Resources (https://www.ghdonline.org/ic/resource/create/) to GHDonline so that everyone can access and download them. You can include the link to your new resource in this discussion for ease of access. If you have any trouble uploading the resources, please email the GHDonline team at . Thank you!

MARY OKEKE Replied at 7:52 AM, 1 Sep 2010

Dear All,
This compilation of tools will be very helpful to all working in the
communities in developing countries. My organization just got a WHO
grant for increasing TB detection, care and treatment for rural
communities. I am among the staff that will drive the process of the
CTBC for my organization in the Eastern part of Nigeria. These tools
will come in very handy for me. Send me any tool you may have now
through my e-mail -

Keep up the good work. Thank you all.

Mary Okeke
Community Based Treatment Support Services Specialist (CBTSS)
Intstitute of Human Virology
of the University of Maryland's School of Medicine (UMSOM IHV)

Mareli Claassens Replied at 7:34 AM, 4 Nov 2010

Dear all
I am very excited by this discussion about risk assessment tools! Of course the compilation of tools will be made available to all. I agree with Julia that all tools should be posted on this forum - it will ensure that everyone has access. It may also cause confusion though... Since the tools differ in some aspects and not in others, how will one know which one to use? I hope by doing the compilation and comparing the different tools, we will have a 'gold standard tool', but maybe that idea is farfetched...
Please post tools you have been using on this forum or send it to my email address . Thanks very much!