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How to know which respirator has the correct qualifications?

By Miranda Brouwer | 08 Jul, 2009

Dear all

How do I know that a type of respirator fulfills the N95 or FFP2 norms? Websites may claim that a product are NIOSH approved, but that is not necessarily true.
Does a list of respirators exist that do fulfill the N95/FFP2 norms?

Miranda Brouwer
Maputo, Mozambique



Paul A. Jensen, PhD, PE, CIH Moderator Replied at 8:57 AM, 8 Jul 2009

Dear Miranda et al.:

I hope someone else can help us find a source for a list of EU-approved
filtering facepiece respirators (EN149:2001)!

For a listing of CDC/NIOSH-approved disposable particulate respirators
(also known as filtering facepieces) (42 CFR 84), go to the following
URL: http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/npptl/topics/respirators/disp_part/


Paul J

Grace Egos, MSPH Replied at 9:44 AM, 9 Jul 2009

Dear all,

Very interesting topic. I am currently conducting in country lab site assessments. Surprisingly and probably because of the AH1N1, I found one respirator with a label of N95 and claiming to be confirming to the NIOSH certification.

However, I got confused when it also claimed it is FFP1. In looking further at the packager insert there is an additional information claiming it to have PF of 4 for FFP1 and PF of 12 for FFP2.

I got one sample of this and am planning to do a respirator fit-test. Is this the only way we can check if indeed what it claims to be as N95 is really N95? The label itself to me is conflicting (N95/FFP1).


Miranda Brouwer Replied at 10:24 AM, 9 Jul 2009

Dear Grace
Yes one encounters interesting respirators in the field, hence my question. Generally a fit testing procedure does not prove whether a respirator is N95. Fit testing gives information about whether a certain type of respirators fits an individual. As we have all different faces (luckily) a respirators that may work for me might not work for you.
Tests determining the qualifications of a respirator have to be done by the manufacturer and has the follow the EUropean of USA guidelines about testing respirators ( as far as I understand).


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