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TB IC postgraduate course in The Hague

By Grigory Volchenkov, MD Moderator | 24 Sep, 2018

Dear colleagues,

If you plan to attend the coming IUATLD conference in The Hague, please be informed that postgraduate course on TB IC will take place on October 24, 2018 at 14:30 - 17:30 in Oceania hall. The course will be chaired by Paul A. Jensen (US CDC) and Nii Hanson-Nortey (The Aurum Institute, Ghana). The course titled “Key components of an effective and sustainable tuberculosis infection control programme” will be presented by international TB IC experts, members of End TB Transmission Initiative (ETTi) core group. List of speakers, topics to be discussed and other related information can be found at https://thehague.worldlunghealth.org/2018/08/register-now-for-post-graduate-c...

Grigory Volchenkov, PGC coordinator




Stephen Muleshe Replied at 10:18 AM, 24 Sep 2018

Dear Grigory
Thank you for sharing. I will plan to attend


Dr. Stephen K. Muleshe
Head, TB Care & Treatment
National TB, Leprosy and Lung Disease Program
Department of Preventive and Promotive Health
Ministry of Health | Afya Annex | KNH grounds
P.O. Box 20781-00202, Nairobi
Website: www.nltp.co.ke | Facebook: NTLDKenya | Twitter: @NTLDKenya

Md Saiful Islam Replied at 4:24 AM, 4 Oct 2018

Dear Grigory:
Some of us may not be able to attend the conference. Is there any way to get the course materials/presentation slides.


Saiful Islam

Hal Levin Replied at 5:13 AM, 4 Oct 2018

Course materials and presentations without presenters' narrative may
miss very important points. it is possible and fairly easy to record
narrative while showing ppt files. This could done as a matter of normal
operation to help folks like Mr. Saiful Islam obtain the most value from
preentation materials.


Nicaise NSABIMANA Replied at 9:47 AM, 4 Oct 2018

Many thanks for sharing
that important information

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