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Innovative approaches to healthcare delivery are vital to increasing access, reducing costs, and improving outcomes for patients throughout the US. Join health care providers, researchers, policy advocates and entrepreneurs in discussing the many facets of health innovation, including new technologies, patient-centered innovations, payment innovations, as well as strategies for developing innovations and implementing them in practice.

Discussion Briefs

Principles and Challenges in Health Innovation

Innovation in health care is more important than ever since the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), which has brought about efforts to increase value and reduce costs.1 2 Technology can be used to engage patients and practitioners alike, open communication channels, increase dialogue, and bring together communities.3 Collaboration is an essential element in bringing about solutions to health care challenges. Various efforts such as Rapid Health Innovation (RHINNO), href="">Sophia's Garden Foundation, href="">Care at Hand, and href="">Health for America are empowering patients and providers, creating communities, transforming health care delivery, and promoting innovation in health care.

This Expert Panel examined the current challenges and opportunities in health innovation. Given the conditions of fragmentation in the health system and misaligned incentives, we can both learn from and be inspired by experiences with health innovation.4

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