NASA inspires health innovation By Kapil Parakh Moderator Emeritus | 13 Jun, 2013

Dr. Dorit Donoviel of National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) noted that if we can deliver health care in space, we can deliver it anywhere on earth. Inspired by the potential of space technologies to improve health on earth, NASA and NSRBI are helping commercialize two health care startups. Challenging environments like space result in constraints which actually spur innovation and creativity (see HBR article below). The resulting innovations can then be more widely deployed as in the case of these health dart ups (see below for a news article about the even as well as a Q&A with the founder of one of the startups)

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Amol Navathe Moderator Replied at 5:57 PM, 16 Jun 2013

Kapil, very interesting and thanks for sharing. Been thinking about funding for startups like the one that NASA supported. There's a new group trying to apply the concept of crowdfunding, see link below. Curious what you all think of the concept for funding health applications.

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