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Updated: 23 Feb, 2017
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Malaria: are the elderly being neglected?

Sungano Mharakurwa replied

Thank you Dr. Manyasi and Dr. Bush. What may make it really challenging for the elderly is that they can be easily overlooked, owing to classical understanding of acquired immunity in typical endemic areas. With changing epidemiology and potential shifts in burden, comprehensive coverage and surveillance may be imperative to ... read more

Updated: 18 Feb, 2017
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Malaria Vaccines

Frederick Dun-Dery replied

Thank you Dr. Piere Bush for sharing this very useful information. Though I'm yet to read the full article, I'm quite curious to know if there was a consideration to test subjects of the two cohorts to be sure that individual characteristics such as biological factors (natural resistant ability to ... read more

Updated: 18 Feb, 2017
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Targeting Zoophilic vectors for malaria elimination.

Pierre Bush, PhD replied

Hello Saravu, You are welcome, and thank you for responding. read more

Updated: 17 Feb, 2017
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