Policymakers, national control program professionals, and practitioners problem solve and exchange best practices in this community with the goal of improving the prevention, management and treatment of malaria.

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The blood schizonticidal activity of tafenoquine

by Pierre Bush, PhD

Dear Colleagues, I would like to share with this article which has just been sent to me by the Malaria Journal: The blood schizonticidal activity of tafenoquine as a prophylactic agent in non-immune individuals by Dow & Smith (2017). It is a good product for the destruction of hepatic stage ... read more

Updated: 21 May, 2017
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Is a seasonal malaria vaccine a good idea?

Pierre Bush, PhD replied

Hello Maimunat, An expert panel on malaria vaccine would be fine. Can you elaborate on what you think should be discussed? I think it can be included in the malaria resurgence topic, as one of the points to discuss. What do you think? read more

Updated: 21 May, 2017
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When malaria infects the placenta during pregnancy, baby's future immunity can be affected.


It is very interesting. We also have malaria in Nepal.How placental malaria diagnosed? Which malarial species was studied? read more

Updated: 19 May, 2017
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Updated: 18 May, 2017
Replies: 8

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