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Simultaneous detection of Plasmodium vivax dhfr, dhps, mdr1 and crt-o resistance-associated mutations in the Colombian Amazonian region

by Pierre Bush, PhD

Dear Colleagues, Here is an interesting article on Plasmodium vivax genetic mutation, that could help us understand the pattern of resistance to drugs developed by this plasmodium species in some areas. Highest Regards, Abstract Background Malaria continues being a public health problem worldwide. Plasmodium vivax is the species causing the ... read more

Updated: 30 Mar, 2018
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Get a 360 view of infectious disease diagnostics this Summer in Montreal!

Arlindo Rosario Muhelo replied

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Updated: 04 Mar, 2018
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WOrld Malaria Report 2017

Manuel Lluberas replied

Insecticides are indeed used in these measures, but there is a LOT more to mosquito control than IRS and LLINs. There are insecto growth regulators, bacteria, hormones, fungi and even radiation in mosquito control. The number of insecticides currently used in vector control is very limited and has resulted in ... read more

Updated: 14 Feb, 2018
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